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15 Famous Festival of Vietnam You Must Experience In 2024

Planning your vacation to Vietnam around one of the nation's many festivals is one of the most remarkable ways to make it unforgettable. Most cultural celebrations and events in Vietnam are observed at specified times of the year and are influenced by the Chinese Lunar calendar. These festivals will provide a soul-stirring experience and allow you to see and take in the nation's culture. Thus, remember these holidays the next time you travel to Vietnam to make your vacation truly memorable!

The nation of Vietnam is a unique fusion of spectacular natural beauty, impressive skyscrapers, and diverse cultures. The best way to observe this country's rich history and many artistic expressions is through the festival of Vietnam, so if one of these looks to be happening while you're there, count yourself lucky!

15 Vietnam Famous Festivals That You Must Attend

Even if the bulk of the leading festivals in Vietnam in 2024 will be held at the beginning of the year, it is also the ideal time to see the nation at its best. On your next visit to this captivating city, don't miss a few of Vietnam's best celebrations and holidays.

Below is a brief overview of the most important festival of Vietnam, which are observed all year long:

  • Lunar New Year | Considered as Most Significant festival
  • Lim Festival | Joyous Celebration of Spring
  • Huế Festival & Huế Craft Village Festival | Brings History to Life
  • Tet Nguyen Dan | Marks the Beginning of the Lunar New Year
  • Perfume Festival | Centred on the Perfume Pagoda
  • Phu Giay Festival | Honours the Deity Lieu Hanh
  • Hung King Temple Festival | Tribute to Their Strong Ruler
  • Hue Festival | A Tribute to the Nguyen Dynasty
  • Buddha's Birthday | Birth Anniversary of Lord Buddha
  • Mid-Autumn Festival | Honours the Year’s Harvest
  • Hoi An Lantern Festival | Showcases the Many Shades of Light
  • Xến Xó Phốn Festival | Occurs in the Lovely Mai Châu Valley
  • Ghost Festival or Wandering Souls Day | A Way to Respect the Ancestors
  • Tet Han Thuc | Tribute to Dedicated Warrior of the Duke of Quin
  • Vietnam Independence Day | Joyous Day of Its Freedom

Lunar New Year | Considered as Most Significant festival

The most significant festival of Vietnam is the Lunar New Year, often known as Tt. Family is prioritised, and many people visit their hometowns to celebrate. Yet, T't still has a lot to offer visitors around the nation. The most significant day in the lunar calendar, T'ai Eve usually occurs in January or February, and the anticipation is great! Appreciate the outdoor floral decorations and the midnight fireworks with the community.

Lim Festival | Joyous Celebration of Spring

The Lim Festival, a joyous celebration of spring, honours the festival's creator while showcasing the distinctive culture of the Red River Delta. The celebration features a unique ceremony called quan h. Men and women dressed historically sing Quan h folk songs to one another while floating on dragon boats. As their eerie sounds echo across the lake, relax and listen.

The Lim Festival takes place on the 12th or 13th day of the first lunar month.

Huế Festival & Huế Craft Village Festival | Brings History to Life

Hu, the last Vietnamese dynasty's residence and the country's historic capital, has a rich cultural history. Every year in April, the Hu Festival or the Hu Craft Village Festival is held. The Hu Festival brings history to life with breathtaking events at the Citadel and throughout the city. Artisanal goods produced in the nearby villages for centuries are displayed during the Hu Craft Village Festival.

Tet Nguyen Dan | Marks the Beginning of the Lunar New Year

Tet Nguyen Dan, one of Vietnam's most treasured holidays, marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year as per the Vietnamese calendar. This festival in Vietnam allows the entire family to unite and partake in customs like igniting fireworks, attending temples, and giving away flowers. It is deeply entrenched in the ancient ideals of family unity and worship of deities. Being in Vietnam at this time is excellent because you can feel the energy of the day permeating the air.

Perfume Festival | Centred on the Perfume Pagoda

The Vietnamese Perfume Festival, which takes place from the sixth day of the first lunar month through the end of the third lunar month, is centred on the Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi. Pilgrims visit this temple from around the nation, and the pilgrimage starts with a dragon dancing at Den Trinh Pagoda. The pilgrims next ride a boat up the Yen Riverbank to the foot of Huong Mountain. From there, stone steps take you to the Huong Tich Cave, where food options, god sculptures, and burning incense create the ideal atmosphere for quiet reflection.

Phu Giay Festival | Honours the Deity Lieu Hanh