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16 Interesting Facts About Mauritius You Need To Know

From the ancient Arab sailors discovering the island to the Britishers abolishing slavery. From being covered with coral reefs to hosting an underwater waterfall. And from the flowing of shimmering waterfalls to most extinct species on earth. Mauritius is a dreamy destination for travellers across the world.

No matter if you are a history buff, action or adventure enthusiast, souvenir collector, or an aspiring photographer, there is a lot to explore for you in Mauritius. But this is not all about Mauritius. There are several unique and unknown facts about Mauritius that you may not know. Let's unravel these mysterious facts.

List Of 16 Interesting Facts About Mauritius 

  • It is not just one island
  • Historically, three Nations have colonized Mauritius
  • Britishers ended slavery in Mauritius
  • High Literacy Rate
  • Hindu Dominant Nation
  • Bhojpuri is a widespread language
  • Mauritius was the home to extinct species
  • It has an underwater waterfall
  • Free public transport
  • Four Bands
  • The Dodos
  • The Pink Penguin
  • Seven-coloured Earth
  • Winter horse racing
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Religious activities

1. It is not just one island

Many of you know Mauritius as a single island in the Indian Ocean. However, you may be wrong here; Mauritius is not just one island. It is a collection of several islands. In fact, Mauritius has two airports, one of them (Plaine Corail Airport) on Rodriguez Island, which is a part of the Mauritius island. Besides, there are the outer islands of Cargados Carajos Shoals and Agalega Islands.

2. Historically, three Nations have colonized Mauritius

The colonial history of Mauritius is dedicated to three nations. From the 1600s to the middle of the 1900s, The Netherlands, France, and Britain colonized Mauritius. While the Netherlands wasn’t that successful, France and Britain conducted the sugar production business in Mauritius.

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3. Britishers ended slavery in Mauritius

Another historical fact about Mauritius is this: During the French rule, African slaves were brought to manage the sugarcane production in Mauritius. But, when the Britishers came in 1801, they ended slave labour and promoted free labour. This remarkable change was brought by the governor in charge, Robert Townsend Farquhar.

4. High Literacy Rate