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Waterfalls In Mauritius

7 Beautiful Waterfalls In Mauritius You Must Visit In 2024

You might have seen golden beaches, coral reefs, and stunning landscapes with the sunset in the Horizon. But have you witnessed the beauty of shimmering water falling into the pond while making melodious sounds that calm your ears?

Well, if you haven't, welcome to Mauritius. Housing the most scenic landscapes across the globe, Mauritius is home to a number of stunning waterfalls that are surefire to refresh your soul and senses. Let's read ahead and uncover the best waterfalls in Mauritius hidden amongst the fertile, lush terrains.

List Of Top 7 Best Waterfalls In Mauritius

From Chamarel Waterfall to Rochester Falls, Mauritius hosts the best waterfalls that are ideal for activities like kayaking, canoeing, boating, hiking, and trekking.

  • 1. Alexandra Falls | Covered in Lush Greenery
  • 2. Eureka Falls | Mango Trees and Palms
  • 3. Grand River South East | For the Romantics
  • 4. Cascade de 500 pieds | The Infinity Pool
  • 5. Underwater Waterfall | An Illusion
  • 6. Tamarind Falls | Seven Cascades
  • 7. Exil Waterfalls | A Combo of Two Falls

1. Alexandra Falls | Covered in Lush Greenery

Standing at a height of 700 m, the Alexandra Falls are a true spectacle to witness in Mauritius. A striking feature of this waterfall is the surrounding lush greenery with unique flora and fauna.

The waterfall is a stunning masterpiece of nature and is located in the Black River Gorges National Park, which can be easily accessed by Plaine Champagne. From the viewpoint, you will see two calm streams gushing down water, producing thundering sounds. The combination of the view, along with the sound, deserves a standing ovation.

  • Location: Black River Gorges National Park
  • Best time to visit: Anytime during the year

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2. Eureka Falls | Mango Trees and Palms

Located near the historical landmark Eureka mansion, Eureka Falls has 4 consecutive waterfalls that you can witness after following a bit of a challenging path from the Eureka mansion. This low-lying waterfall sits in serene surroundings with mango trees and palms.

Viewing these waterfalls is a delight as you can simultaneously hear the sweet melodies of animals nearby. In the water, you can find several aquatic plants, such as water lilies, ‘jacinte d’eau’, ‘bredes songes. Besides, you can also witness marine life, including ‘jacinte d’eau’, water lilies, bredes songes, and eels.

  • Location: QFJX+6V9, Leclezio Ave, Moka, Mauritius
  • Best time to visit: April to June

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3. Grand River South East | For the Romantics

If you are looking for one of the unique and top-rated Mauritius waterfalls, there is nothing better than Grand River South East waterfall. Falling over a series of basalt rocks, you can look and be amazed at this waterfall for hours. A unique thing about this waterfall is the journey.

You will pass through several coastal villages of South Eastern Mauritius before reaching this waterfall. You will be amazed to witness the transition from Blue Turquoise waters to Green vegetation. In the end, your tour will be successful by witnessing the beauty of the waterfall.

  • Location: South Eastern Coast of Mauritius
  • Best time to visit: May to December

4. Cascade de 500 pieds | The Infinity Pool

If you are amazed by Alexandra Falls, allow yourself 35 to 40 more minutes and reach one of the secret waterfalls Mauritius, Cascade de 500 pieds. Falling from a height of 500 meters, this waterfall has its own Infinity Pool. So, when you get here, you can just lay on a rock and enjoy the mist covering your body.

In fact, this is also the waterfall that will give you the most beautiful and panoramic view of the Mauritian Southern coast. Walking may seem like a tough job, but it will all be worth it in the end.

  • Location: HF55+R7, Chamouny, Mauritius
  • Best time to visit: April to June

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5. Underwater Waterfall | An Illusion

Your Mauritius waterfall excursions must include this location. From the name, it may seem like it is a waterfall under the water. But it is actually not. Underwater waterfall is an optical illusion, where sand and silt on the ocean bed fall down in a way that looks like water falling. The water currents under the surface layer of water generate this visual effect.

Note that this effect cannot be seen from the surface, but you have to attain some altitude to see it. Thus, you have to book a helicopter to witness this beauty.

  • Location: Off the coast of Mauritius
  • Best time to visit: September to December

6. Tamarind Falls | Seven Cascades

For a professional tracker trekker or hiker, visiting waterfalls in Mauritius like the Tamarind Falls is a challenge to take. Sitting alongside a canyon and the Black River District, Tamarind Falls begins from the top of the plateau with 11 in number, and 7 of them land in a large pool at the bottom.

On your way, you will find several smaller pools where you can cool off. Besides, you can witness several bird species in the green vegetation along the canyon. The large pool at the bottom is open for swimming and canoeing. You may also hire local guides for Mauritius Falls for a more elaborate journey.

  • Location: Henrietta Branch Rd, Mauritius
  • Best time to visit: January to March

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7. Exil Waterfalls | A Combo of Two Falls

If you take a trip to the Southernmost part of Mauritius along the outskirts of Combo forest, you will find two remarkable waterfalls named Exil Waterfalls. Rather much known than the other waterfalls in Mauritius, the Exil Canyon houses both of them.

One of them is the Leon Waterfall, which is smaller than the other and drops from a height of 20 meters into a 25-meter-wide pool. The other one is the Cascade Cecile waterfall, which has a more impressive drop of about 45 meters. To reach these waterfalls, you have to take a moderate hike from Rochester Falls. You can take up several aquatic activities here, such as abseiling and swimming.

  • Location: On the fringes of the Combo forest
  • Best time to visit: January and March

If you have read so far, you might be looking for the best waterfall to visit. We can tell you that they all are the best. And to get you there, we have the right resources for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Waterfalls in Mauritius!

Q1. What are the most breathtaking waterfalls in Mauritius?
A1. The most breathtaking waterfalls in Mauritius include

  • Grand River South East Waterfall
  • Exil Waterfalls
  • Eau Bleue Waterfall
  • Rochester Falls
  • Underwater Waterfall

Q2. Are there guided tours to explore waterfalls in Mauritius?
A2. Yes, there are several guided tours to explore the waterfalls in Mauritius. Some of them are

  • Mauritius: Wild South West Full-Day Tour
  • Mauritius: Private Southwest Day Tour
  • Mauritius: Tamarind Falls Guided Hike with Swim and Lunch
  • Mauritius: Private South West 7 Colored Earth Tour & Lunch

Q3. Can visitors swim in the natural pools formed by the waterfalls in Mauritius?
A3. Yes, some of the waterfalls in Mauritius that allow swimming are Tamarind Falls and Exil Falls.

Q4. What is the best time to witness the waterfalls in full flow in Mauritius?
A4. May to December is the best time to witness the waterfalls in full flow in Mauritius.

Q5. Are there hiking trails leading to the waterfalls in Mauritius?
Q5. Yes, almost all the waterfalls have hiking trails leading to them, except the Underwater Waterfall.

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