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Railway Crossing in india

Do you know what makes this railway crossing special? Know the incredible charm

A Diamond Crossing in railroad phrasing is where two railroad lines cross (not really at right edges, framing the state of diamonds at the intersection point. People often wonder how many diamond crossing in India and while they are rare, one of them is super popular. They are all amazingly unusual but the most renowned one is the Diamond Crossing Nagpur which is a Double Diamond Railway crossing shaped by two twofold lines crossing one another.

A number of people have been said about this specific point, as the point where lines from the North, South, East and West meet and furthermore, even as the centre point of India! It is simple for such things to flourish, particularly since the use of the Internet.

In the first place, just three remarkable rail lines meet at the diamond railway crossing Nagpur. One originates from the east, from Gondia, the Howrah – Rourkela – Raipur line. Alternate originates from the north, from New Delhi. The last one goes towards the South, carrying trains to both the west and the south. This line divides into two separate lines toward the west (Mumbai) and the South (Kazipet) just at Wardha, approximately 80 km away. Also, just a single of these lines structures some portion of the jewel crossing, the Gondia line.

The other set of tracks shaping the diamond crossing is just a service branch line from the Nagpur Freight yard which lies parallel to the traveller platforms and not even a mainline. The Diamond Crossing is framed when this service line crosses the Gondia line to join the primary line towards Delhi. 

Double Diamond Railway Crossing Nagpur

In fact, it isn't even the main Diamond Crossing in India. There is one more right smack in the mid of Delhi! There was another at Dhanbad junction which was incomplete. There additionally used to be an ideal 90-degree Diamond Crossing in the new-ancient old Ernakulam Terminus too.

The British considered Nagpur as the geographic centre point of united India and raised the zero-mile marker there, however, once India was partitioned this moved and now according to official records, the centre point of India lies in a forest somewhere close to Jabalpur. This town "Karondi" lies is closest to it.

Presently, railroad wise, the "actual" point where the North, East, South and West of India meet is at Itarsi Junction rail route station, MP. Lines from the North (towards Agra – Delhi), South (towards Nagpur), East (Jabalpur – Allahabad and after that Howrah) and West (Khandwa – Mumbai) meet at Itarsi. It is equally "focus ish" to India, so guess, that will do. 

--- Published By  Gagan Sharma

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