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Top 3 Bungee Jumping Spots In Nepal

Top 3 Bungee Jumping Spots In Nepal | For A Thrilling Experience

Nepal is an Asian country blessed with scenic landscapes, beautiful and calm rivers, serene temples, and scrumptious cuisines. So, whether you are travelling alone, with your partner, or with your family, there will be plenty of things to do in Nepal.

If you are a thrill seeker, Nepal has it all for you. Not just Skydiving, Paragliding, and trekking, Nepal offers you a gravity-defying and adrenaline-fueled bungee jumping experience. So, if you are in the country and want to try the sport, here are some of the best bungee jumping spots in Nepal.

List Of 3 Highest Bungee Jumping Spots In Nepal

The best bungee jumping spots in Nepal are not just limited to the sport. These sky-kissing spots are also a great vantage point for the country's majestic scenery. So, it is worth every penny.

  • The Bhote Koshi Gorge
  • Hemja, Pokhara
  • Kushma

1. The Bhote Koshi Gorge

Among the several unique aspects of The Bhote Koshi Gorge, the prime one is that it was the first bungee jumping spot in Nepal. The jump is done from a suspension bridge, Nepal's longest one.

If you are worried about safety, ample safety measures are in place, and professional operators prepare you for the jump. Moreover, the bridge used for bungee jumping was designed by a famous New Zealand bungee consultant. This adds another point in terms of safety.

If we talk about the height, you have to take the jump from a heart throbbling 160 meters. While you count to five, the jump will be complete, and you can see the crystal clear waters of the Bhote Koshi River while swinging over it. The river flows just below the suspension bridge and offers you a blissful experience after your heart regains its original rate.

Cost of The Bhote Koshi Gorge Bungee Jumping

The cost of bungee jumping in Nepal at this location differs for nationals, Indians, and foreigners.

  • People of Nepal - 5500 INR
  • Indians - 8200 INR
  • Foreigners - 7200 INR

Other than bungee jumping, it is the location that is also famous for swinging, canoeing, rafting, etc.

How to Reach The Bhote Koshi Gorge?

To reach this Majestic destination, you must take the Araniko highway and enter the 12 km-long Nepal-Tibet border. This suspension bridge arrives just after crossing the famous Friendship Bridge. If you are coming from Kathmandu, it will take around 3 hours to complete the journey.

Ideal Time for Bungee Jumping

The best thing about this bungee jumping location is it's open yearly. However, to get the best experience, you must visit this location from September to May. Keep in mind that the jump is available for only four days a week from December to January. These days are Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

On the other hand, from September to November, you can visit this bungee jumping spot every day except for Monday in a week.

  • Location: Arniko Highway, Listikot, Nepal
  • Note: There are some safety tips for Nepal bungee jumping at this location. Pregnant women, people with heart problems, and those with any ligament injury are not allowed. Furthermore, you should be 18+ and weigh 40-100 kg.

2. Hemja, Pokhara

You will be amazed to know this bungee jumping spot in Nepal was not initially a bungee jumping spot. Initially, the location was only famous for activities like trekking, paragliding, zip-flying, etc.

It wasn't till 2014 when bungee jumping was introduced at this location. Since then, the spot has been one of the leading invitors of crowds.

When you are here, the bungee jumping height is 80 m, and you land on a water bed. The jump is located on a steep cliff from where you jump and touch the water pond, which is 20 m deep. Thanks to the pond, the bungee jumping location is also known as the Water Touching Jump.

Once you splash in the water, a boat will pick you up from the spot. You can relish the delight of this jump with your friend or solo. But whatever you choose, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Cost of The Hemja, Pokhara Bungee Jumping

The cost of bungee jumping in Pokhara is relatively cheaper than that of the Bhote Koshi Gorge. However, there is a significant difference between the costs for people of different nations.

  • People of Nepal - 3490 INR
  • Indians - 6500 INR
  • Foreigners - 6890 INR

How to Reach Hemja, Pokhara?

Bundi jumping spot in Nepal is near Pokhara Lakeside. Once you reach the lakeside, you can take a cab from there and reach the jumping spot within 20 minutes.

Ideal Time for Bungee Jumping

Just like the previous bungee jumping location, this one is also open throughout the year. However, it is best to visit from October to February to get a clear view of the Himalayas and the water below.

  • Location: Highground Bungee, Hemja, Pokhara, Kaski district
  • Note: There are some safety tips at this location too. Pregnant women, people with heart and respiratory problems, and those with any ligament injury are not allowed. Furthermore, you should be 18+ and weigh 35-125 kg.

3. Kushma

If you are looking for Bungee jumping near Kathmandu, the Kushma bungee jumping is the best option. You will be amazed to know that the Kushma bungee jumping height in Nepal is the highest in Nepal and second highest in the world. You can experience the thrill of free fall and heart throbbing by falling from a height of 228 m.

But this is not it. Along with bungee jumping, you can also enjoy the Canyon Swing, which comes from the same height as the bungee jumping. If you want more activities, you can go for Sky cycling, Sky gliding, and Tandem Canyon Swing.

Cost of The Kushma Bungee Jumping

At Kushma bungee jumping, there is a standard price for everyone, which is 7500 Indian rupees.

How to Reach Kushma?

Kushma bungee jumping is around 62 km from Pokhara. You can either take your car or take public transportation, such as buses.

The spot is on the way of public transportation, so you can get down and reach the spot easily.

Ideal Time for Bungee Jumping

Just like the previous bungee jumping locations, this one is also fit for visiting all year. However, you will be welcome with pleasant weather, lush green forests, and clear views between November and April.

  • Location: Kushma Parvat district of Nepal
  • Note: You should be 18+ and weigh 40-110 kg.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Q1. Where are some of the popular bungee jumping locations in Nepal?
A1. Some of the most popular bungee jumping locations in Nepal are Kushma, Hemja, and The Bhote Koshi Gorge.

Q2. What is the height of the highest bungee jump in Nepal, and where can it be experienced?
A2. The highest of all the bungee jumping locations is at Kushma. The height is 228 meters.

Q3. Can you provide information about the safety measures and equipment used for bungee jumping?
A3. There is a whole list of equipment required for bungee jumping. Bungee body harness, bungee cord, carabiners, bungee jumping helmet, platform, bungee jumping rigging system, and sneakers.

Q4. How do the natural landscapes and surroundings enhance the bungee jumping experience in Nepal?
A4. The surroundings and the riverside destinations with natural landscapes, Himalayan background, and lush greenery make the overall bungee jumping experience the best.

Q5. What is the ideal time of year for bungee jumping in terms of weather and visibility?
A5. Though all three destinations can be visited for bungee jumping all year round, it is best to visit them from September to May.

Q6. Are there any age or health restrictions for bungee jumping in Nepal?
A6. Yes, there are age restrictions. An adult should accompany anyone below 18 and above 12 years. Moreover, anyone with heart problems, pregnancy, ligament issues, or respiratory issues is not allowed to bungee jumping.

Q7. How does bungee jumping contribute to adventure tourism in Nepal?
A7. Bungee jumping contributes to adventure tourism in Nepal by providing a USP, add-on adventure activities, environmental conservation, etc.

Q8. Are there any combo packages or adventure tours that include bungee jumping and other activities?
A8. Yes, some top adventure companies for bungee jumping Nepal provide several other activities, like paragliding, swinging, trekking, zip lining, etc., in their combo and adventure packages.

Q9. Can you share some tips or guidelines for first-time bungee jumpers in Nepal?
A9. Yes, always go bungee jumping with your friends, wear comfortable clothes rather than loose clothes, prepare yourself mentally for the jump, and don’t go bungee jumping if you have any heart or blood pressure issues.

Q10. What is the adrenaline rush and thrill of bungee jumping in Nepal like?
A10. The overall adrenaline rush and thrill are super high in Nepal.


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