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Waterfalls In Virginia

Top 10 Waterfalls In Virginia | That Take You Closer To Nature

The southeastern United States is one of the most expensive states. Despite this fact, it attracts visitors from around the world. Known as the Mother of States, it is famous for The Arlington National Cemetary, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Presidential homes, and several exotic waterfalls.

If you find yourself in the Capital of the Confederacy, do check out the described waterfalls in Virginia. So, let’s just begin!

List Of 10 Beautiful Waterfalls In Virginia

Hidden under the lush green forest, mountains, and other geological wonders are the waterfalls of Virginia. Here are some of them that are worth the visit.

  • Great Falls | A Majestic Spot near Washington D.C
  • Devil's Bathtub | Swimmer's Happy Place
  • Dark Hollow Falls | Hidden Waterfalls Near Shenandoah
  • Cascade Falls | A View to Behold
  • Falls of Dismal | A Refreshing Destination
  • Rose River Falls | Dazzling View
  • Crabtree Falls | Tallest Vertical Drop Waterfall
  • Stiles Falls | In the Lap of Nature
  • Statons Creek Falls | Feel the Power of Water
  • Apple Orchard Falls | Orchard of Water

1. Great Falls | A Majestic Spot near Washington D.C

If you're looking for a natural escape, especially a waterfall in Virginia, Great Falls is the perfect place to be. This fall originates from the Potomac River and forms a sequence of rapids and waterfalls that drop 76 feet in less than three kilometres.

It's located inside the Great Falls Park, which holds various attractions like hiking trails, kayaking, rock climbing and the Patowmack Canal. You can also enjoy the stunning falls and the Mather Gorge views. If you're visiting Virginia waterfalls with kids, this place must be on your itinerary.

  • Location: Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Terrain: River, Forest, Rock

2. Devil's Bathtub | Swimmer's Happy Place

If you want a waterfall in Virginia that's secluded and scenic, Devil's Bathtub is where you need to go. It's a small, rocky swimming hole with crystal clear water along the Devil's Fork Loop Trail in Stony Creek Park. The base is formed due to the water flowing from a small waterfall.

Further, to reach here, there's an approximately four-kilometre hike through the woods, crossing over a dozen creeks and streams. The hike is challenging and is known as one of the best waterfall hikes in Virginia.

  • Location: Duffield, Virginia
  • Terrain: River, Forest, Rock

3. Dark Hollow Falls | Hidden Waterfalls Near Shenandoah

One of the most popular and scenic trails in Shenandoah National Park is the Dark Hollow Falls trail, which leads to a stunning 70-foot waterfall. The track is short but steep and rocky, descending 440 feet in five kilometres. The hike is worth the effort, as you'll see the cascading water and hear its soothing sound.

The trail follows a stream that feeds the falls and offers several viewpoints. You can also witness the Patowmack Canal, built in the late 1700s to make the Potomac River navigable.

  • Location: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
  • Terrain: River, Rock

4. Cascade Falls | A View to Behold

This 69-foot cascade waterfall in Virginia has a beauty that every tourist praises. The water plunging from the waterfall drops into a pool covered with 200-foot cliffs, making the entire scenery breathtaking. The falls are located in the Jefferson National Forest near Pembroke, Virginia.

To reach the falls, you can hike the 15-kilometer round trip Cascades National Recreation Trail, which follows the Little Stony Creek and offers scenic views of the water and the forest. Additionally, there are two options: the lower and upper trail. The lower one is more scenic, and the upper one is more challenging.

  • Location: Pembroke, Virginia
  • Terrain: Rock, Stones, River

5. Falls of Dismal | A Refreshing Destination

If you're looking for a waterfall in Virginia where you can stay for a few hours, do nothing, and just relax, Falls of Dismal is perfect. It is a 10 feet multi-tiered waterfall on Dismal Creek, a water-stocked trout stream. This water is a part of a sandstone over 400 million years old.

The water has easy access from the road or a side trail off the Appalachian Trail. You can also enjoy swimming in the clear pool at the base of the falls or bouldering on the rocks nearby.

  • Location: Pearisburg, Virginia
  • Terrain: Rocky

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6. Rose River Falls | Dazzling View