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Waterfalls In Iowa

8 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Iowa | You Must Visit In 2024

Ranked at number 11 as the best place to live in the US, Iowa is the home to towering cliffs, mysterious caves, sandy beaches, scrumptious delights, and bright blue lakes. Not just this, Iowa is also popular for its visually enthralling waterfalls.

If we talk about the waterfalls in Iowa, they are a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Apart from gazing at their natural beauty, you can sit beside them and meditate in the serene environment. Here are the best waterfalls in Iowa.

List Of 8 Amazing Waterfalls In Iowa

The waterfalls of Iowa are the hidden gems of the state. They are distributed across the state, nearby springs, caves, cliffs, and rivers. Here is a comprehensive list of Hidden waterfalls, Iowa.

  • Union Grove Lake Waterfall | The Secret Waterfall
  • Beulah Spring Falls | The Spooky Waterfall
  • Malanaphy Spring Falls | The Mossy Waterfall
  • Willow Creek Waterfall | The Private Waterfall
  • Dunning's Spring Falls | The Wedding Destination Waterfall
  • Duck Creek Waterfall | Hidden Among the Trails
  • Bridal Veil Falls | The Easy Trail
  • Siewer's Spring Waterfall | The Small Stair Cascade

1. Union Grove Lake Waterfall | The Secret Waterfall

Union Grove Lake Waterfall is a part of the Union Grove State Park in Tama County. If you plan, a trip with your family to Iowa, you can visit this park. Along with providing a stunning view of the waterfall, there are spots for picnicking, hiking, bird watching, and even fishing.

Nested in the woods and created by the channel from the lake’s spillway, the waterfall is a perfect spot to click some pictures for your social media handle.

  • Location: 2180 C Ave, Garwin
  • Fee: Free

2. Beulah Spring Falls | The Spooky Waterfall

Why are we saying this is a spooky waterfall? The waterfall was created after a terrible storm hit Beulah and turned it into a ghost town. Most visitors tend to take the boat tour through the spooky cave and sit and relax in the campground nearby. What they miss is this waterfall.

This small waterfall is easy to walk up to and offers visitors a stunning photo point. The best thing is that it is not crowded. Unlike many other waterfalls in Iowa, the gentle stream allows you to walk right up to the rushing waters.

  • Location: Inside Spook Cave Campground
  • Fee: Free

3. Malanaphy Spring Falls | The Mossy Waterfall

Among the rocky areas and mossy foliage near the Upper Iowa River is the Malanaphy Spring Falls. It is a 30-foot waterfall fed by a spring and falls into the Upper Iowa River. The rocky area can be hiked via the two-mile trail, taking you to the fall along the Iowa River.

Apart from enjoying the scenic and green beauty of the astonishing waterfall, you can also just sit beside it and observe the greenery and flora all around. When you are done, you can grab a bike to eat in the Downtown at Mabe’s Pizza, Magpie Coffeehouse, etc.

  • Location: Near Decorah, Iowa
  • Fee: Free

4. Willow Creek Waterfall | The Private Waterfall

Located in the Rock Crest historical district, Willow Creek Waterfall is one of the top waterfall spots in IA. The views of this waterfall are truly a spectacle to witness. However, it is on a private property, so you can only gaze at its beauty from the State Street bridge between 1st Street NE and S Carolina Avenue.

Due to its private location, it is a place for absolute tranquillity. While exploring Iowa's waterfalls in Mason City, you can visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Stockman House and MacNider Art Museum.

  • Location: Rock Glen/Rock Crest historical district
  • Fee: NA

5. Dunning's Spring Falls | The Wedding Destination Waterfall

Among all the waterfalls in Iowa, this one is unique in a way. Unlike the others, Dunning's Spring Falls is an ideal wedding destination. It is located in the Dunnings Springs Park off the Ice Cave Road. There is a parking near the 200-foot waterfall from where you have to just take a 200-yard walk to this beauty.

Looking just like a scene out of a fairy tale, the waterfall is perfect for clicking pictures with your partner. It is also a great spot for picnicking with your family and friends.

  • Location: Ice Cave Rd, Decorah
  • Fee: Free

6. Duck Creek Waterfall | Hidden Among the Trails

Hidden under the winding trails of the beautiful Devil’s Glen Park, the waterfall is a hidden gem in Iowa. Fed by the Duck Greek, the calmly flowing water falls from the limestone bluffs into the Mississippi River.

The well-paved trails along the park can access it, and if you want more, you can check out the Creek Pancake House along with several picnic areas along the trail.

  • Location: Devils Glen Park, Bettendorf
  • Fee: Free

7. Bridal Veil Falls | The Easy Trail