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Best Places To Celebrate Chinese New Year

10 Best Places To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year offers a blend of cultural experiences, resonating with deep-rooted traditions and modern festivities. This festival, known globally as the International Chinese New Year event, brings together communities from various corners of the world. From the lantern-lit streets of Malaysia to the energetic parades in London, each location offers its own unique take on this cultural extravaganza. The weather during this time is usually pleasant, making it a great period for travel and exploration. Conveniently accessible from major transport hubs, these destinations range from budget-friendly to more upscale options, catering to all travellers. The festival is not just about vibrant dragon dances and fireworks; it's a deep dive into the heritage and cultural legacy of the Chinese community. With activities that vary from region to region – be it the traditional performances in Sydney's bustling streets or the unique culinary treats in Vancouver – each place promises an enriching cultural New Year experience.

List Of 10 Best Celebrating Chinese New Year in Style 

Get set for a cool journey as we share top 10 festive destinations! New York, San Francisco, and Harbin bring their styles to the party, while Hong Kong is like a shiny dragon city. Each place has its celebration vibe, promising fun and colours. Ready to explore and enjoy the Lunar New Year in these awesome spots?

  • Shanghai | Sparkling Dragon Haven
  • Paris | Elegance in Red
  • Beijing | Imperial Festival Hub
  • Sydney | Harbour of Lanterns
  • New York | City of Cultural Drifts
  • San Francisco | Golden Gate Gala
  • Singapore | Lion City Luminescence
  • London | Thames Blissful Glow
  • Harbin | Ice Wonderland Fiesta
  • Hong Kong | Pearl Dragon Metropolis

1. Shanghai | Sparkling Dragon Haven

Shanghai turns into a sparkling dragon haven during the Chinese New Year. Imagine tall buildings all lit up, like a big celebration in the sky. There are dancing dragons and colourful lanterns, making the streets super lively. To join the fun, check out the lit-up Band, a fancy waterfront party. Yuyuan Garden is a calm place with classic Chinese vibes, and you can eat yummy stuff and see cool shows at the City God Temple Fair. Shanghai mixes old and new traditions, making it an extra special destination among Chinese New Year travel destinations.

Things to Do:
  • Marvel at the Bund's Illumination
  • Visit Yuyuan Garden
  • Explore City God Temple Fair
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

2. Paris | Elegance in Red

In the heart of romance and culture, Paris takes on a new hue during the Chinese New Year, becoming an Elegance in Red. Famous places like the Eiffel Tower look extra beautiful with a mix of French style and Chinese celebrations. Parc Floral hosts a Lantern Festival like a magical light show, and the 13th Arrondissement turns into a lively spot with dragons and lions dancing around. Musée Guimet is a fancy place to explore lots of cool Asian art. Paris combines East and West, where both styles come together for a happy celebration.

Things to Do:
  • Enjoy the Lantern Festival at Parc Floral
  • Join the Parade in the 13th Arrondissement
  • Visit Musée Guimet
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Gare du Nord

3. Beijing | Imperial Festival Hub

Beijing has become an imperial hub and one of the stellar Lunar New Year celebration spots during the Chinese New Year. It mixes old traditions with new stuff and feels like a big celebration. The Forbidden City, full of red lanterns, has cool things like traditional music and dragons going through the streets. At night, fireworks light up the sky near the Temple of Heaven, making Beijing a super special place for the New Year. You can visit Ditan Park for a lively fair with shows, crafts, and yummy food. If you climb up Jingshan Park, you get a big view of the city with many lights.

Things to Do:
  • Enjoy Ditan Park's Temple Fairs
  • Climb Jingshan Park for a Big View
  • Go to the Imperial Lantern Festival
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Beijing West Railway Station

4. Sydney | Harbour of Lanterns

With its famous harbour, Sydney shines with lanterns for Chinese New Year. It mixes Australian style with Asian traditions. The famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge light up with lanterns, making the city look magical. Dragon boat races, cool parades, and shows about Chinese culture happen along the shores, making Sydney a lively place for the Lunar New Year. You can watch awesome fireworks over Darling Harbour or walk around Circular Quay to see big animal lanterns.

Things to Do:
  • Marvel at the Darling Harbour Fireworks
  • Stroll among Lunar Lanterns at Circular Quay
  • Indulge in Chinatown Night Markets
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Sydney Central Station

5. New York | City of Cultural Drifts

Do you know how New York becomes a glittering city during the Chinese New Year? With its tall buildings, Chinatown becomes alive with dragons, traditional parades, and a lot of cultural excitement. From the lively streets to the famous Times Square, New York welcomes the Lunar New Year with a blend of Chinese celebrations and the city's energy. You can enjoy a colourful parade in Chinatown, see the Empire State Building light up in festive colours, or explore the diverse Asian cuisines in Flushing. New York turns into a lively cultural hub, making the New Year celebration super vibrant.

Things to Do:
  • Watch the Chinatown Parade
  • See the Empire State Building Lighting
  • Try different Asian foods in Flushing
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Penn Station

6. San Francisco | Golden Gate Gala

San Francisco paints red and gold with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background, reflecting the festive spirit. The streets of Chinatown come alive with grand parades, martial arts performances, and the mesmerising glow of lanterns. San Francisco has become a captivating destination for celebrating the Lunar New Year with a mix of traditional celebrations and a festive atmosphere. You can explore vibrant stalls and cultural exhibits at the Chinatown Community Street Fair, join the annual treasure hunt for festive surprises, or admire the beautiful lanterns illuminating Union Square.

Things to Do:

  • Explore the Chinatown Community Street Fair
  • Join the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt
  • Admire the Lantern Viewing in Union Square
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Nearest Railway Station: San Francisco Caltrain Station

7. Singapore | Lion City Luminescence

Singapore, known as the Lion City, has become a shining wonderland called Bright Lights and Big Celebrations for the Lunar New Year's celebration. This small place is like a giant party, with tall buildings and lots of fun. People here celebrate in a cool mix of old Chinese stuff and new, flashy parties. From the old Chinatown with its lively markets to the super-modern Gardens by the Bay, Singapore turned into a super-bright and fun place for the Lunar New Year.

Things to Do:
  • Explore the Chinatown Festive Markets
  • Witness River Hongbao Festival
  • Watch the Light-Up at Orchard Road
How to Reach:
  • Nearest Airport: Changi Airport (SIN)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

8. London | Thames Blissful Glow