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Best Hill Stations in the world

10 Best Hill Stations in the World | Essential Info & Tips

Mountains are truly captivating for strange wilderness and serenading vibes. Not only do they relieve the body from fatigue but also unwind the soul. They are imposing, calming, perilous, adventurous and full of nature’s bliss. They are the places where we feel most alive, they give us moments that we cherish all life.

So if you too share this special love for mountains or contemplating a hillside vacation, this list of 10 best hill stations in the world with all the relevant info will prove essential for you. What are we waiting for then? Mark your favorite ones to your bucket list in priority order so that you can start ticking them off, one by one in ensuing summers and following.

Top 10 Famous Hill Stations in the World 

Scroll down for more details of all these famous hill stations in the world that may give you a quick respite from scorching summers along with that much needed break in the lap of nature. Here we go!

1. Grindelwald, Switzerland

If the majesty of mountains captivate you then Grindelwald is a place for you. This stunning hill station in Switzerland is totally out of the world as it has the most picturesque landscape and is a popular skiing resort of the country. The dramatic mountains guarding in the backdrop, lush green meadows along with natural hideouts makes it a picture-perfect hill station in the world that is worth visiting to experience the exceptional beauty of nature and adrenaline pumping activities.

  • Best Time to Visit Grindelwald. March to May and December to February
  • Top Attractions of Grindelwald. First Mountain, First Flyer, Bag Jump, Mountain Cart, Skiing, Trottibikes, Indoor Rope Centre, Mini Golf, Cliff Walk
  • Nearest Airport to Grindelwald. Zurich International Airport

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2. Lecco, Italy

Standing against the spectacular backdrop of Lake Como, Lecco is a perfect highland for

nature lovers, history enthusiasts and cultural buffs. It is a typical Italian hill town where you will find cobblestone streets, 16th century mansions with balconies and courtyards covered under vines. Besides, this gorgeous hill station in Italy is known for jaw dropping backdrops of Alpine meadows, striking vistas of lakes, spectacular slopes for skiing, imposing historical landmarks, culinary delights and whatnot.

  • Best Time to Visit Lecco. June to September
  • Top Attractions of Lecco. Cable car to Piani D’Erna, Visconti Bridge, Bell tower, Basilica of Saint Nicholas, The Church of Santa Marina, Skiing, Cycling
  • Nearest Airport to Lecco. Milan Bergamo (BGY) Airport

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3. Hallstatt, Austria

Nestled amid Dachstein mountains and Hallstatter Sea, Hallstatt is certainly the most mesmerizing Alpine village that is nothing short of heaven. Based in Austria, this idyllic hill town is indeed one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. Right from enjoying the enriching ride in the train inside the iconic salt mines to spending hours beside the pristine Lake Hallstatt, this charming mountainside has so much to offer.

  • Best Time to Visit Hallstatt. March to May and October to November
  • Top Attractions of Hallstatt. Lake Hallstatt, Salt Mine, Hallstatt’s Ice Cave, Kalvarienberg Church, the Bone House and Cemetery, 5 Fingers Lookout, The Charnel House in Michael’s Chapel, Church of Christ, Market Square, Rudolph’s Tower and Skywalk.
  • Nearest Airport to Hallstatt. Salzburg International Airport, Switzerland

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4.Srinagar, India

One of the most fascinating destinations in the paradise of Earth, Srinagar is a great option if hill vacation is on your mind. This breathtaking gem of India is located at an altitude of 1585 m in Kashmir valley which is known for its paradisal beauty. This charming hill town is known for its sprawling gardens, shimmering lakes and colorful houseboats sailing on River Jhelum. Apart from grabbing imposing vistas, you can also expect a great culinary and shopping experience. You can also visit the world’s highest hill station, Doodhpathri from here which is elevated at the height of 2,730 m.

  • Best Time to Visit Srinagar. April to June
  • Top Attractions of Srinagar. Dal Lake, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Nigeen Lake, Anchar Lake, Wular Lake, Mughal Garden, Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi, Hari Parbat, Jamia Masjid, Pathar Mosque, Aru Valley, Pari Mahal, Char Chinar
  • Nearest Airport to Srinagar. Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport, Srinagar

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5. Dalat, Vietnam

Discover the rugged and impregnable peaks of the mountains in Dalat which is one of the most stunning hill stations in the world. It is located in Vietnam an