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Srinagar Houseboats

Srinagar Is Much More Than Just Houseboats!

Everyone will agree! Being in Srinagar feel like utopia come alive, right? It has been ages that Jhelum River kept living on its promise and fostering the paradise-like-place, Jammu & Kashmir and Srinagar holds the responsibility like a first child of the state. When I landed on the Srinagar Airport which is a well-established international airport, I got awestruck by its first sight and hence “love at first sight proved”.

Those gigantic forested mountains were challenging my limits to eye around them because they were extremely mystic and limitless. The lush forestry living amidst the mountains allured me to know about them. I assure you that the same instinct will fill-up your veins when you stare at them. This was just one tiny teaser of a full-fledged movie that I was going to watch live.

Majorly, most of you might have got acquainted with Srinagar’s famous places like Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, but how many of you know the ground scratch of Srinagar. Well, it’s absolutely heart-pounding and some facts really amazed me. Really, nature is unpredictable and every minute it is changing and make us just keep guessing!

Scroll down for what made me say that “this Srinagar was completely unknown to me”!

I didn’t know Gurez was this beauty!