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How to Clean Your Suitcase Wheels After that Eventful Holiday Trip

We all adore the thought of kick-starting a new adventure and experiencing everything there is to know about the world. It is this urge to explore and discover new things, go on those trending destinations, that we are time and again compelled to pack our bags and suitcases to go on those lovely vacations. 

However, what people don’t like is to clean their luggage bags, especially, the wheels of those heavy suitcases after returning from that memorable trip. Interestingly, people often don’t realize that what seems to be an irritating task of cleaning the wheels of a suitcase, can actually be quite easy and a very doable thing with the help of just a few simple DIY steps. 

Let’s discover how.

Step 1. Take Off All the Screws

For the first step in cleaning your suitcase wheels, take all the screws off from your suitcase wheels. You can do this with the help of right tools like a screwdriver, using which the wheels would come out quite easily.

Step 2. Push Away the Bearings

The second step would be to push away the bearings from the suitcase wheels. However, do make sure that you don’t lose them owing to their small size and also be ready to get your hands a little greasy.

Step 3. Cleaning with a Cotton Cloth

As the bearings come off, you can clean them with a cotton cloth. Here, you need to keep in mind to not use any water while cleaning the wheels. Apart from that, you will also need to ensure that not any dirt gets inside the bearings as it could hamper their overall functionality.

Step 4. Oil it Up