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Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Are You Ready To Admire India’s First Art District? It’s Here In Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Delhites and India will be delighted to know that we too have an “Art District”. Since British Raj, It has always been the place for bureaucrats. Now, admire the street art of the Lodhi Colony that leaves you with positive vibrations in such a fast-paced city life. With exclusive efforts by St+Art India Foundation, they have appointed 50 street artists across the world to create magnificent murals on the street walls of Lodhi Colony, Delhi. Every mural on the wall has a depth meaning to understand. Such initiative not only uplift the art but also a great step towards the betterment of society. 

Each and every work of art describes a deep meaning that unleashes somewhere the true India. While the artists leave their signature work, they also managed to keep it authentic and the art that belongs to the origin of India. Here are some of the major murals you would love to give a deep view of and praise the immense artistic work.

Colours Of The Soul By Senkoe

This is something deep by Senkoe- the Mexican artists. Here, the picture or the mural of multicoloured birds are the interpretation of harmony and togetherness. The multiple colours simply denote incredible India and its unity in diversity.

Vishwaroopa by Inkbrushnma

One of the epic spectacles from The Great Mahabharata- The Battle of Kurukshetra, has elucidated on one of the walls of Lodhi Colony. This is the most intellectual conversation between Lord Krishna and The Warrior Pandava-Arjuna. Such amalgamation is absolutely amazing.

The origin of the world by Borondo

This mystic mural holds a significant meaning. The middle of the two walls is flowing water consisting of a ship that is the metaphor that describes birth and life. Such scenic beauty owes the depth of life.

The Lotus by Suiko

The beautiful mural of Lotus has been enchanted by the Japanese painter Suiko. This symbolizes the national flower of India-Lotus. Such is an amazing outcome to let other people know about their originality.

Dead Dahlias by Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar has presented something amazing on the platter of the walls in Lodhi Colony. This is the painting that describes one of the incidents of The Great Mahabharata where the famous Dice Game was held and the Pandavas lost the game which resulted in them exiling the Raj Palace and were offered to live in Khandavprastha that again turned into the Indraprastha by Lord Krishna. This is an amazing intervention to keep the city clean nowadays.

Rani laxmibai by Lady Aiko

The great warrior of her time, the Rani Laxmibai is an ever-shining inspiration for women as well as men. Such is the amalgamation you will see on one of the walls of Lodhi Colony. It is painted by Lady Aiko who is a renowned Japanese painter.

Neils Shoe Meulman

Neils Shoe Meulman is a talented calligraphy artist and a Graffiti pioneer who also served the walls of Lodhi Colony with his amazing calligraphic art. The wall has a meaningful poem written by the Neils himself.

Let’s encourage this artistic initiative to make Delhi and India visually beautiful...

While the Indians are bestowed with amazing artistic walls of Lodhi Colony, Delhi. We should also encourage such soulful initiative to spread love, prosperity, togetherness, unity, and at the same time clean and beautiful India.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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