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Daringbadi  Odisha Tourism

Never Been To Daringbadi? Now This Is A Place Which Must Be On Your Bucket List

Daringbadi is an amazing travel destination situated right in the heart of Odisha in eastern India. Located at a height of 3,000 ft this is a place that is definitely worth visiting with your loved ones. Yes, this majestic hill station is all about visiting and exploring some of the most interesting places and exploring new possibilities altogether.

The Kashmir of Odisha

Situated in the Kandhamal district of Odisha, this beautiful place is also known as the 'Kashmir of Odisha'. Moreover, there is an interesting anecdote about how this place was named. According to the story, back in the days of British rule, there was a British officer named Daring Saheb who used to live here and it was after his name that Daringbadi came to be. Moreover, 50% of the population of this place constitutes the ST community of aboriginal tribal races.

The Weather of Daringbadi – What’s all there to know?

Wondering how the temperature of a beautiful place like Daringbadi could be like? Well, let us help you with that. The overall temperature of Daringbadi has been often recorded below 0°C. So, if you ever plan to visit this place then this is a fact which you would need to keep in mind and make your preparations accordingly.

Knowing About These Exciting Destinations Will Help You Explore It Better

Hill View Point – The Place Where You Will Be Finding Stunning Views Of Nature

If you want to explore what Daringbadi is like then the hill viewpoint is the place to visit. This is where you would be finding some of the most iconic views of nature's raw beauty and the crisp skies.

International Eco-Village – Belghar

The Dongia tribe is found in Belghar and is situated 100 km from Daringbadi. This village is recognized as the international Eco Village.

Love Wildlife? Then Belgarh Sanctuary Is A Must Visit

You can also visit the tropical deciduous forest situated in the Belghar Sanctuary, located at a distance of around 50 km from Daringbadi. The thick forest is home to a great number of rare and endangered species of animals as well as plants. It's a great opportunity to be mesmerized by the lively wildlife. 

Fun Things to do in Daringbadi for Those Amazing Memories