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Harihar Fort Crazy Trekkers

Harihar Fort: Crazy trekkers, are you listening?

Just the thought of that view from the top can stir away all the feelings of uphill struggle: isn’t it relatable trekkers? Well, the thought works both in trekking and life in general. It might seem screw loose to some people, or just a thing of insane youngsters, those who have been there, done that, knows the feeling. Climbing the top is not a trend, it’s a feeling of getting lost in the right direction, feeling of winning your will and that’s what matters the most.

Harihar Fort Nashik

Adventure is not defined from a place or two, it is never ending. One longs for a different, higher and crazier experience every time and Harihar Fort is just that. All those in search of a place to trek full of bonkers can be assured enough that this place in the state of Maharashtra will not disappoint you in any manner. It is risky from the bottom and satisfying at the top. Roads are rough, climb is hard, you will get lost, your trail will get dirty, but you will discover something like never before, and it is going to be extremely worthy. 

Here’s why Harihar Fort is perfect for your next trekking trip

The Harihar fort in the Nashik district is a pride of the district and many tourists come here to inspect the height and the glory of the fort. The major attraction of the fort is its rock-cut steps which startle people because of its angle. The steps are inclined at 80 degrees and trekkers have to almost walk straight to the height and you can imagine what an adventure it would be. There are two entrances to the fort and there are mostly ruins now but still the aura of reaching to its top is strong intact. It takes about 1 hour to completely explore the uniqueness of the fort built on a triangular prism.

Climbing Harihar Fort Steps

Can you just close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself climbing up on a steep staircase which are rock-cut and extremely dangerous? Your heart will not stop racing all that while but when you will reach the top of the fort, it would be one of the most enthralling moments of your life. The view that you get from the top is totally mesmerizing.

Harihar Fort View from Top

To embrace is to live and that’s what you do at such a heavenly sight in front of you. Convinced? If not, watch this video and see how this place is a stunner. 

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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