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Romantic Monsoon Destinations In India

5 Romantic Places To Explore This Monsoon

Rains and love have been the muse for poets, writers, and those dealing with everything artsy since the annuls of time. It is something about the gladness infused in the air that gets to your romantic side. A sign of the welcoming change in the seasons and a wonderful respite from the scorching heat-monsoons means a lot more than this. What is it that makes monsoons so charming? Is it just about the receding of summers and the beginning of pleasant weather or is there some sort of a scientific connection between monsoons and the rhythm of the beating heart that gets us every time; or maybe some lingering memory that you can’t forget.

Romantic Monsoon Destinations in India

Be it the fresh crisp air or the smell of crispy fried foods, monsoons will always mean a sign of new beginnings and glad associations-some with nature and some with your inner self. When every raindrop reminds you of a romantic melody, it’s time to pack your bags and head out to seek the beauty of nature. Paint your love this monsoon. Adotrip’s editors have handpicked stunning romantic monsoon destinations in India for your next monsoon trip. Explore these breathtaking getaways to spend some quality time with your bae.

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1. Mini Switzerland of India - Khajjiar

Find nature and peace together in the meadowy goodness of this valley spot in Himachal. Khajjiar is referred to as the mini Switzerland of the north. The beauty of this place connects with you instantly. Surrounded by long stretches of deodar and fir forests, this quaint spot rests at the base of the Dhauladhar range. Nothing beats the romantic velvety green offset by the white and black clouds during monsoons. Be there, one of the best romantic places in India and experience the goodness of nature at its best here.

Major Attractions in Khajjiar - Khajji Nag Temple, Khajjiar Lake, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Panch Pandav Tree, Kailash Villages, Tibetan Handicrafts Center. 

Nearest Airport - Gaggal Airport, Dharamsala, 122 km away from Khajjiar

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2. Second Switzerland of India - Kausani

Your search for that perfect romantic getaway will come to an end at Kausani. If you have ever imagined a little window opening up to the snow-clad Himalayas-that window is Kausani, this place is surely going to give you magnificent views. The scenic little spot has its own patriotic connection too. Mahatma Gandhi is said to have visited the town and christened as the Switzerland of India- yes we have two Switzerlands in India, move away from Europe!

Major Attractions in Kausani - Baijnath Temple, Kausani Tea Estate, Rudradhari Falls & Caves, Gwaldam, Anasakti Ashram, Kausani Planetarium. 

Nearest Airport - Pantnagar Airport, Pantnagar, 162 km away from Kausani

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3. The Hidden Gem of Dehradun - Kanatal

A scenic road trip from Delhi will take you to this hidden gem in Dehradun. Salubrious weather and picturesque scenery-the two essentials of a perfect getaway are the high points of Kanatal. The adventure enthusiasts can explore the forests and treks in the area. Kanatal is also connected to a lot of visit-worthy spots-Rishikesh, Tehri, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, and Chamba. 

Major Attractions in Kanatal - Kodia Jungle, New Tehri, Tehri Lake, Dhanaulti Eco Park, Surkanda Devi Temple, Chandrabadni Temple, Camp Carnival Kanatal.

Nearest Airport - Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, 92 km away from Kanatal

4. The Floating Islands - Loktak Lake

Remember the floating mountains of Avatar? Well, these are not mountains but floating islands. Loktak lake is the only one of its kind in the world, with floating masses of vegetation and soils dotted all over its circumference. It is also a sanctuary for the Eld’s deer, an endangered species of the brow-antlered deer. It’s not just a lake and a scenic spot, it is an abundant source of irrigation, water supply, and hydropower generation too!