Travel India With Suave and Stylish Model Turned Actor Nandish Singh Sandhu

The renowned writer, poet and philosopher-Khalil Gibran beautifully expressed, “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Touched and how? The magic of being embraced by nature is so serendipitous that many of us choose to become avid travellers. Not everyone is lucky, albeit! With priorities in life, the least we can do is to pledge atleast a trip or two in the span of 365 days.

And that is how our special guest Nandish Singh Sandhu, who hails from Indian Television Industry keeps his wanderlust at bay. With his back to back shooting schedules all through the year, he makes every effort to sneak time, pack his bag and step out on a sojourn to some part of the world. Time to take some cues from the dapper-looking man, aka Veer from Uttaran. Take a dekko, his exclusive travel interview with Adotrip!

: What is your travel mantra?

If we wait until we are free, there will never be scope for travelling, ever! So basically my travel mantra is to make time out of my busy routine no matter how hard it is. I am passionate about my work but sometimes a shift is required, so I swap it with travel. I like to stay at a place beyond my shooting schedule so that I can absorb the environment, basic nuances and gastronomical culture of the place. This helps me a lot in my profession also as the characteristics of each place get registered in my head and help me weave diverse characters.

: Born and brought up in Rajasthan. What keeps you connected to roots?

Dholpur in Rajasthan keeps me connected to roots. It is my native place and my parents, school friends, relatives live there. The most cherished school days in Dholpur keeps that little child alive in me. I visit there once or twice every year and make sure to visit my school every time. Back in Mumbai, I often feel nostalgic. I miss the fragrance of Rajasthani specialties, those piping hot samosas, kachoris, the soft texture of milk cake, those mithais. Drooling ya! The aroma of food that fills the bustling streets, you don’t find it anywhere in the world. That fragrance keeps me connected to roots.

: Define India in your own words?

It would be stereotypical to talk about the Diversity of India. The land of Gods and Goddesses is perhaps the most profound. Right from the religious beliefs to the varied lifestyles, India is as vast as the universe itself. The constant blaring of horns to loudspeakers roaring with chanting prayers from temples and mosques, the warmth of locals to the grandeur of heritage, ancient cities like Varanasi, India is the place where adversities can be changed into blessings.

Far beyond the rich heritage and geographical entity, culturally vibrant India is the place to soak up in!

: Which is your favourite destination in India and why?

I am a beach person. Calm, azure blue waters captivate my senses. It feels serene and meditative, I feel spiritually connected whenever I sit beside the crashing waves. Goa is close to Mumbai so it’s a quickie getaway if the beach is on my mind. Besides that, the place that is brimming on my bucket list is Leh Ladakh. My army friends posted there tell so many beautiful things about snow-capped peaks, crystal clear skies, breathtaking lakes that I am already in awe and looking forward to visiting the fascinating place in India.

: A destination in India where you can spend your entire life?

Honestly, I don’t want to restrict myself to any specific place. I might sound nomadic but that’s not how I want to live, I rather wish to have property, maybe a small cottage or something in every corner of the globe. I love the tranquil beaches of Andamans, I love the mighty mountains of Ladakh, I would rather make Mumbai as my base and keep rolling to places all over.

I wish to explore and feel liberated without being tied down to a place. I am not a tree!

: Any unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

One festival of India that fascinates me is the snake boat race that happens in Kerala. I want to be part of that festival. It looks interesting.

: Any experience of adventure sports in India that you can share?

I have experienced river rafting in Rishikesh, it was quite thrilling. I enjoyed the white water rafting in Canada and skydiving in Dubai. I have heard of hot air ballooning in Pushkar, I would love to try it on my next trip to Rajasthan.

: How should men keep up with travel in style?

Anybody can turn basic into classy by adding the right accessories. For men specifically, good shoes work wonders. Pack mindfully thinking of agendas on your travel list. For example, if you are planning for rock-climbing, do carry comfortable clothes with shoes that are sturdy enough for the purpose and never miss sunglasses.

Carry little stuff and focus more on travelling. There is no match for cheerfulness. Always Stylish!

: An interesting person you’ve ever met on a trip?

Everyone is interesting in their own unique way. I have met people from different walks of life and knowing about different professions, cultures is always intriguing. I once met a well-dressed man on a plane; we discussed schooling, life, our journeys, and all. I told him about my schooling from Military school and how I always aspired to be a fighter pilot who eventually became an actor. We exchanged quite a few stories along the way and whilst deboarding, he told me that he is an air force pilot. Never met him post that meeting on the flight, but he is one interesting person I met while travelling.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

Perfume, Sunglasses, Camera

: Travel solo, with friends or family

All 3. I wish to be lost for months and enjoy the liberated nomadic life. Travelling with your cronies is always fun, you get an opportunity to try new things. And travelling with family gives time to rekindle relationships.

: One place from where you felt nothing is far.

Mumbai Airport

: Where did you go on your last vacation?


: What’s your favorite weekend getaway?

Machan in Lonavala

: Which destination in India is on your bucket list?

Leh Ladakh, Andaman & Nicobar

: Quaint resort on the outskirts or hotel amidst the bustling city?

Resorts on the outskirts

: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent?

Circuit Planner

: Your favorite travel app?

Google maps

: Any exotic dish from the Indian menu that everyone must try?

Gajar ka halwa & Jalebis are delish. Paya with rice from Lucknow was super yum. Kashmiri Gustaba- meatball in gravy from Kashmir- Oh! truly divine!

: Which Indian airline you think is the best?


The model turned actor, Nandish Singh Sandhu instantly made his way to many hearts with his debut TV serial Kasturi. Acclaimed as Raunak in Kasturi or Veer Singh Bundela in Uttaran, the immensely handsome actor became a heartthrob of many female fans in no time. With a series of daily soaps to his credit or contesting in the most popular shows such as Khatron Ke Khiladi, Nach Baliye, etc to later blazing the silver screen with his brilliant performance in Super 30, the statuesque dapper-looking Nandish never cease to fascinate the audience. Humble, affable and charming, he is a dream boy who only needs a smile to make you skip your heartbeat. So desirable! Isn’t he?

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