Integrated Tourist Pass- Mussoorie Winterline Carnival 2022 | Travel Update 2022

 December 1st, 2022

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Integrated Tourist Pass- Mussoorie Winterline Carnival 2022 | Travel Update 2022

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1. Integrated Tourist Pass in Kolkata Will Soon Be In Force
Kolkata has taken the initiative to implement the Integrated Tourist Pass, a single-ticket access provision for several tourist attractions, to make travelling considerably easier. With this pass, you may visit several well-known tourist attractions such as Victoria Memorial, Science City, Alipore Zoo, and much more without waiting for tickets. You can access the pass using an online application once the pass creation is finished.

2. Are You Excited For The Mussoorie Winterline Carnival 2022? 
Buckle up as Mussoorie brings the heavily hyped Winterline Carnival 2022 during the final week of December. After a long hiatus of precisely two years, this carnival returns with all the vigour and zeal it once had to welcome visitors worldwide. This carnival, which coincides with the year-end celebrations, will provide a beautiful exhibition of nature, cuisine, and culture.

3. Indigo Launches New Flight Connections of India With Portugal and Switzerland
The strengthening of international connectivity is a top priority for Indigo, which has added additional destinations, including Portugal and Switzerland, with connecting flights via Turkey. The codeshare cooperation with Turkish Airlines includes this project. All travellers considering travels from India and Europe will have a variety of alternatives, first-rate services, and capacity thanks to the new routes and frequencies, which are now in effect.

4. Vietnam Entitles India As The ‘Best Tourism Market’ 
In a seminar conducted on November 23, 2022, the CEO of Vietravel in Vietnam awarded India the title of Best Tourist Market for its tremendous growth in the tourism industry. Similar to Thailand, Vietnam is seeing a large influx of Indian tourists. As a result, Vietnam has determined to provide the finest services possible to Indian tourists visiting the country. At this session, he even lauded Vietnam's main cities' excellent connectivity with India.

5. UAE To Discontinue The Travel Permits of Passengers with Single Names in Passports
According to UAE authorities, passengers with a single name on their passports will not be permitted to enter or leave the UAE.  The initial name and surname of each passenger must appear on their passports, as the government requires. This modification will be in effect from Monday, November 28. The trading partner, Indigo, said that travellers with a single name who is in the process of obtaining a residency permit or permanent visa are authorised to travel if they have the same name listed in both the "first name" and "surname" sections.

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