New Golden Visa For Bali To Be Launched Soon  - Check Out The Deets

 August 23rd, 2023

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New Golden Visa for Bali To be Launched Soon - Check Out the Deets

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In a visionary move, Bali has set its sights on becoming a hub for international talent with its eagerly awaited Golden Visa initiative to be launched before the year draws to a close. This groundbreaking residency-by-investment visa was unveiled during the G20 Bali summit last year and is primed to revolutionise the island's creative industries while offering a range of enticing benefits to those who seize this golden opportunity.

The New Pathway to Residency

Crafted with an eye on innovation and progress, the Golden Visa programme for Bali is designed to lure global talent across diverse sectors such as health, research, and technology. It serves as a strategic step towards generating an impressive 4.4 million new jobs within Bali's creative landscape by the upcoming year.

Embracing Bali's Unique Appeal

The programme is tailored in sync with Bali's distinct features. Set against the backdrop of Bali's breathtaking vistas and rich cultural heritage, the Golden Visa initiative promises to be a seamless blend of opportunity and experience.

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Benefits of Bali's New Golden Visa Programme

The programme presents an array of enticing benefits, sure to capture the attention of international professionals. Check out the lucrative proposition!

1. Extended Residency Validity

Applicants can choose between a five or ten-year validity, offering the flexibility to align their residency with their long-term aspirations.

2. Property Ownership Privileges

A unique aspect of the Golden Visa is the right to own property in Bali. This not only establishes a tangible connection to the island but also unlocks possibilities for investment and growth.

3. Seamless Mobility

The initiative promises multiple entries into Indonesia, facilitating hassle-free travel and seamless exploration of the archipelago's diverse landscapes.

4. Streamlined Visa Processes

The Golden Visa guarantees faster and easier visa application processes, streamlining the journey for international professionals and their families.

5. Path to Citizenship

For those considering a deeper connection with Bali, the programme includes a fast track for citizenship applications, paving the way for an integrated life on this enchanting island.

6. A Glimpse into the Future

As the finer details of the programme are being finessed, Bali's Golden Visa initiative emerges as a beacon of promise. This visionary endeavour holds the potential to reshape Bali's creative industries while forging a bond between global talent and the island's cultural fabric.

Cost and Financial Commitment

  • The exact cost and application timeline for Bali's new Golden Visa programme are yet to be disclosed.
  • Anticipate high financial commitments, akin to Indonesia's second-home visa introduced in December.
  • Indonesia's second-home visa, valid for 5 to 10 years, requires applicants to demonstrate a proof of income and a bank statement with a minimum of two billion Indonesian rupiah (approximately $130,537) in savings.
  • This visa targets retirees and investors planning to purchase property in Indonesia, with an emphasis on contributing positively to the nation's economy, as stated by the immigration ministry.

Initially scheduled for a June launch when it was unveiled last year, the visa process was postponed due to administrative hurdles.

In an encouraging development, Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia's Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, recently affirmed that the visa will be introduced to a chosen group of individuals by the conclusion of the third quarter.

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As the launch date approaches, Bali beckons ambitious minds and adventurous souls to partake in its journey of transformation. The Golden Visa Programme isn't just about residency; it's about embracing a lifestyle enriched by Bali's beauty, culture and boundless opportunities. What’s your plan, do let us know in the comment section!

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