New Passenger Ship Service Between UAE And India On The Horizon

 September 22nd, 2023

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New Passenger Ship Service Between UAE and India on the Horizon

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A transformative passenger ship service connecting the UAE with Kerala, India, is on the brink of realisation. Kerala's port minister, Ahammad Devarkovil, has vocally criticised airlines for imposing exorbitant fares during peak travel seasons, emphasizing the need for an affordable travel alternative.

This visionary initiative is geared towards providing Indian expatriates residing in the UAE with a financially viable and accessible means of travel, alleviating the financial strain imposed by high airfare costs during peak seasons.

Representatives from the Kerala government are scheduled to confer with India's central government ministers in the upcoming week to discuss the project. YA Rahim - the President of the Indian Association Sharjah expressed his anticipation, stating, "Our sole requirement at this juncture is approval from the Central government." Rahim elaborated that the delegation is slated to convene on September 24 and expressed optimism, remarking, "I see no apparent grounds for any objections to the project.” 

In the event that the necessary approval is obtained, Rahim envisions the commencement of a trial run for the passenger ship service as early as November. 

Here are the Key Highlights of the New Passenger Ship Service

Affordable Tickets: Ticket prices for the service are estimated to range between Dh442 (INR 10,000) and Dh663 (INR 15,000), with higher fares during peak travel times. 

Efficient Journey: The passenger ship will complete the journey in three days, offering a swift and comfortable travel experience.

Generous Passenger Capacity: The passenger ship can accommodate up to 1,250 passengers at a time, making it a sizable and efficient mode of transportation.

Generous Baggage Allowance: Passengers can carry up to 200kg of luggage during the voyage, making it convenient for families and individuals relocating or visiting loved ones.

Onboard Amenities: Travellers will have access to a diverse selection of food options and entertainment while onboard.

Destination Choices: Initially, the ship will sail to Kochi and Beypore, with plans to extend its route to Vizhinjam once India's largest container port in Kerala is completed in December 2024.

The project, spearheaded by the Sharjah Indian Association in partnership with Ananthapuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited, enjoys support from the government of Kerala and NORKA, the department addressing non-resident Keralites' concerns.

With strong backing from these prominent stakeholders, the passenger ship service is on the cusp of becoming a reality, providing Indian expatriates in the UAE with a cost-effective and timely travel solution between these two vibrant regions.


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