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St. Jude’s Shrine is significant landmark of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. It is the Roman Catholic Latin Rite shrine dedicated to St. Jude. Visiting the shrine may keep you away from the colloquial life, at least, for a while.

Top attractions in St. Jude's Shrine

Jahangir Mahal

Visit Jahagir for its fine architecture and immensity that will blow your mind. Really, a great numbers of architects in the gone era.

Chaturbhuj Temple

The temple hails from Jhansi and aids an immense faith amongst locals. This temple ensures an utter beauty that is another significant creation of art.   

Ganesh Mandir Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The temple holds immense faith amongst people. It is the sincere place for the locals for wedding.

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Things to do in St. Jude's Shrine

After visiting the St. Jude’s Shrine, you can enjoy the street shopping around the streets of Jhansi. Also, you can go several shopping complexes near Civil Lines, Jhansi.  

Best time to visit St. Jude's Shrine

There is no such specific time. Though, Jhansi looks more pleasant in winters. So, prefer visiting in the months of winter.

How to reach St. Jude's Shrine?

Air- Taking air service is an convenient option for tourists. The nearest airport is the Gwalior airport that is well-served with famous airline services. After landing the airport, you can take local modes of transports such as buses, autos or taxis.

Rail- The nearest railway station is the Jhansi Railway Station to reach St. Jude’s Shrine. After reaching the railway station, now, your next step is taking local transport modes such as buses, taxis or autos.

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