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One of the landmarks of Vrindavan, the Shahji Temple in Gotam Nagar is dedicated to the divine couple of Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna, who are also referred to as Chote Radha Ramanji. Apart from the religious aspect, you will fall in love with the architecture of the temple. The Shahji Temple was built by Shah Kundan Lal and has been dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple features 12 spiral columns along with the Basanti Kamra which is a hall consisting of Belgian glass chandeliers. If you are a Krishna devotee then you should definitely visit this temple.

The best time to visit Shahji Temple is from morning 8 AM to 11 PM and during the evening hours, it is between 5.30 PM and 7 PM. You can visit the temple anytime throughout the year. Still, it is the best time to visit the Shahji temple during the festival of Holi in February-March and Janmashtami in August-September.

Major Attractions in and Around Shahji Temple

1. Twisted Pillars

You will be amazed by seeing the twisted marble pillars of Shahji Temple located near Nidhivan. It is indeed a work of excellence in Indian architecture. Due to the shape of the pillars, it is also known as Tede Khambe Wala Temple meaning the Temple with Twisted Pillars.

2. Belgian Chandelier

The beautiful Belgian chandelier is situated on the hall (aka Basanti Kamra) of the temple. It is one of the highlight features of the temple to witness. If you are a photographer, you would love to click some amazing snapshots of the place through the magic of your lens.

3. Aarti

You can attend the divine Aarti at the temple. The best time to attend the Aarti is during the morning hours as this time helps you rejuvenate your soul and feel the divine presence of the Lord everywhere.

How to Reach Shahji Temple

By Air

The nearest airport is the Kheria Airport located at 50-60 km away. After deboarding your flight, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation like a cab. 

By Train

If you are planning to visit here by train, then you will need to deboard either at Vrindavan railway station or at Mathura Cant. After that, you can take a cab to reach the temple.

By Road

Depending upon your convenience, you can plan a trip to Vrindavan by road as well. For this, you will have to either take a cab or a bus. If you feel okay, then, you can also take your own vehicle.

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