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One of the landmarks of Vrindavan, The Shahji Temple in Gotam Nagar, holds a significant faith amongst the people of Vrindavan as well as across the nation. The temple is dedicated to the Radha-Krishna also known as Chote Radha Ramanji. Apart from the eternal belief, you will love to admire the architecture of the temple. It was built by the merchant named Shah Kundan Lal in 1876.

Top attractions in Shahji Temple

Twisted Pillars

You will be amazed by seeing the twisted marble pillars of Shahji Temple located near Nidhivan. It is the work of excellence in architecture sector. It is also known as “Tede Khambe Wala Temple” meaning “The Temple with Twisted Pillars. Such old temple with creative innovation that has never been yet, is absolutely the worth visiting.

Belgian chandelier

The beautiful Belgian chandelier is situated on the hall(aka Basanti Kamra) of the temple. This is amazing thing one can witness. If you are a photographer, you would love to give clicks to these amazing chunks of features.

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Things to do in Shahji Temple


You can attend the diving Aarti at the temple. The best time to attend the Aarti is the morning time that is amazing and worth rejuvenating your soul.

Best time to visit Shahji Temple

The Temple Timings are:

Morning 8AM to 11PM and Evening 5.30PM to 7PM.

You can visit the temple anytime throughout the year, still it is preferable to visit the temple during the festival of Holi in February-March and Janmashtami in August-September.

How to reach Shahji Temple?

Situated in Gautam Nagar, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, The Shahji Temple is well-connected with other regions of Vrindavan.

Locals- Are you the one who never visited the temple, being a localite? Then, you must try it now. The nearest bus stand towards the temple, is Vrindavan Bus Stand. It is hardly 1 kilometres away from the  temple.

Outsiders- If you are travelling from within the country of India, it is better to prefer the Railway service to reach the Shahji Temple, Vrindavan. The nearest railway station is Vrindavan Railway Station that is just about one kilometre away from the temple.

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