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The Prem Mandir is fundamentally a Hindu Temple located in Vrindavan, Mathura. This temple is maintained by the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat which is an international non-profit organization working for educational, spiritual and charitable purposes. 

The Prem Mandir is spread in a 54-acre site located on the outskirts of Vrindavan. It is believed that the structure of the temple was established by the fifth Jadadguru, Kripalu Maharaj.

The construction of this temple began in 2001 and the inauguration for the same was done on 15th to 17th February of 2012. It is said that the cost incurred on the temple was INR 150 crore. The deities present in the temple are of Shri Radha Govinda and Shri Sita Ram.

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Top Attractions in and Around Prem Mandir

Constructed in Italian Marble. The temple is best known for its architectural finesse which draws the attention of tourists. In constructing the temple, Italian marble was used and surely the result has been really stunning.

48 Panels Depicting Life of Radha-Krishna. Once, you reach the temple, you will witness the beautiful 48 panels (encircled panel) that showcases various aspects of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha's life. Also, you will get to see various phases of Krishna’s life that have been famous mythological stories in India.

Attend the Magnificent Morning Aarti. If you are planning to visit one of the magnificent temples of India, the Prem Mandir, Vrindavan, make sure that you attend the morning aarti. Your experience of attending the aarti would be very peaceful. 

Musical Fountain and Light Show. You can attend the musical fountain show that is again a really stunning example of creative expression of the temple management. The show timings are from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Best Time to Visit Prem Mandir

The winter season is the best time to visit Prem Mandir. During this time, the climate is very pleasant; apart from the winter season, the time of Holi is also advised to make your visit to the temple.

How to Reach Prem Mandir

By Air. Deboard at the Kheria Airport and take a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach the temple.

By Train. Deboard at the Mathura Cantt station and then hire a cab to reach the temple premises.

By Road. Depending upon your convenience, location and budget, you can choose to travel here by road as well. For this, you will need to hire a bus, cab or you can also take your own vehicle.

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