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Heritage villages are a delight to the eyes in this fast-paced life. And the first name that comes to mind is Pragpur village of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India. You will love to dip into the old scenario of India that is well-inherited in this age old village. If you want to skip from the rush-hours of metro cities, then, visiting this village can play a healing role in your life. Those old brick and mud-house take you to the timeless glory of the past.

Prag translates to ‘pollen’ in Sanskrit and pur to ‘full of’. So Pragpur basically means full of pollen. Considering the fact that village essentially blooms during the spring time, the name is rightly given to it.

Pragpur is a village situated in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It was developed around 300 years ago. It is the designated ‘Heritage Village.’ The village is administrated by the sarpanch, who is elected by the consensus of the village.

History of Pragpur

Pragpur was founded in the late 16th century by the Patials. It is an ornamental village with old water tanks, cobblestone streets, unchanged shops, slate-roofed houses, and mud-plastered walls. If you see the narrow streets lined with havelis and villas and fort-like houses, you’ll get reminded of the timeless charm of this place. Considering the pristine beauty and unique architecture of the place, the state government of Himachal Pradesh declared it the very first Heritage Village of India in December 1997.

Top Attractions in Pragpur

The Judge’s Court. You will get the chance to visit the magnificent Judge’s Court which is witnessing the world for 300 years. Now, the castle is used as a luxurious resort.

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Lala Re Rumal Haveli. Feel the magnificence of real world while spending some time in the Lala Re Rumal Haveli. It will give you a great hue from the past.

Things to Do in Pragpur

Boating. You can get to the fullest fun while experiencing boat riding in Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam. Special arrangements are made so that tourists can have the time of their lives.

Enjoy the flocks of migratory bird. A flock of migratory birds perch on the banks of the lake situated near the Pratap Sagar Dam. Such species are a delight to the eyes. From rare to 


Panj Peer Dargah. The village is famous for this dargah. It is dedicated to the five peers. The dargah is nearby the Sikh shrine Gurudwara Shri Panj Tirath Sahib which was named by Guru Hargobind. A religious fair held at the dargah annually which attended by people of all religions.

Best Time to Visit Pragpur

The best time that will leave you to the great blend of beauty and weather is the months of October-December.

How to reach Pragpur?

Air- The nearest airport is Kangra Airport. After reaching the airport, you can hire the bus service to reach the Pragpur.

Rail- The nearest railway station is Kangra Mandir Railway Station. The net distance between the station to Temple is almost 2 hours.

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