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There are so many temples in the state of Himachal Pradesh, but Bathu Temples are unique because they can only be approached in the month of May-June and rest of the time they get submerged. Confused? Well, that is the speciality of Bathu temples. It is situated in the Kangra district of the state and is locally known as ‘Bathu ki ladi' as it is a cluster of temples there. In the early 1970s a reservoir was created by Pong Dam named as Maharaja Pratap Sagar in which the temples got submerged. Since then these temples can only be approached by people in summers when the water level decreases and then temples can be seen otherwise they stay underwater for the rest of the season.

Top attractions of Bathu Temples

Bhagsu Falls

Situated amid the lush greenery the Bhagsu falls is quite an iconic travel destination to visit with your friends and family. The grandeur of these falls is just simply mind blowing offering really breathtaking beauty and it is the kind of thing which you would not want to miss.

Namgyal Monastery

The Namgyal Monastery has great spiritual significance, especially for the locals. What is a great thing to know is that this monastery is also the residential place of the Dalai Lama! Here, you will also find plenty of other shrines, temples, bookstores etc.

Bhagsunag Temple

If you are a spiritual person then you would absolutely be loving the charm and vibe of this temple. Located at a height of 1770m this temple is known for attracting a lot of devotees as well as the tourists and travellers throughout the year.

Things to do in Bathu Temples

Church of St. John

The church of St.John is one of the best places to visit around. It is simply an amicable place which you can stop by and admire. You will be liking the amazing aura of this place of offering prayers to the Lord and owing to which you would definitely want to visit this place again and again.

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Located on the crest above the hill Dharmkot is one of the best places to visit around. It is a very attractive spot which presents a very wide as well as picturesque view of the Kangra Valley. This place is also quite well-known among the people for the purpose of doing Vipassana Meditation. For the people who have a bend or an inclination towards spiritual practices, it can be truly a great experience.

Shopping In Mcleodganj

This is quite a pretty awesome place which you must explore and rummage around for shopping. Here, one can easily find a number of Buddhist as well as Tibetan sovereigns along with really cool collectable items.

Best time to visit Bathu Temples

May to June is the best time to visit these temples as it is the only time when these temples are sort of open for the public.

How to reach Bathu Temples?

By Air - The nearest airport to the place is Gaggal Airport.

By Road - You can take public transport to visit till Kangra. And to cover the distance between Kangra to Jawali you would be needing to hire a taxi.

By Train - The nearest railway station is Jawanwala Shahar.

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