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Famous by many names like Budbud, Bubble Lake, and Budbudyachi Tali, the Netravali Lake is located in the serene and peaceful village of Netravali. The lake is popular for its bubbles that rise continuously to the surface of the lake. You will be surprised to see that the bubbles also respond to different sounds and rise faster if you clap. 

It is not actually a lake but more of a pond, with granite steps leading towards it. A huge granite pedestal is a present right in the center of the lake. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Gopinath located nearby the lake and hence, it is also a place of religious significance. 

Best Time To Visit Netravali Lake

The lake remains open seven days a week from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon. To get the full benefit of the greenery and scenic surroundings, the best times of the year to visit would be between the months of October to March or during the monsoon season. 

History of Netravali Lake

The rectangular-shaped lake is nestled amongst the spice farms in the Netravali Village of Sanguem. Said to be constructed around 300-400 years ago, Netravali Bubbling Lake is an artificial freshwater lake that gets its water from the underground springs. 

Places To Visit Near Netravali Lake

The Bubbling Lake

The Natravlai bubbling lake itself is the main attraction. In Konkani, the word ’Budbud’ means bubbles and that’s why it is also called Budbud lake. From the lake bed, the bubbles keep rising at regular intervals and burst at the surface of the lake. This site is often enjoyed by the local kids who watch the bubbles rise through the clear freshwater of the lake until they burst on the surface. 

The origin of the bubbles is still unknown and surrounded by many explanations. Many people believe that the local deity is behind the bubbles, whilst others believe that bubbles form because of sulfur or carbon dioxide. Another theory is that bubbles form because of the methane gas below the lake but it can’t be possible as the are plenty of fish in the lake. The true origin of the bubbles is still dark and unknown. 

One of the most fascinating phenomena of Netravali Bubbling Lake is that bubbles form faster when someone claps near the lake. The villagers say that the formation of bubbles is somehow related to acoustics; however, scientific evidence is still awaited.

To make the Netravali Bubbling Lake even more attractive to both national and international travelers, the government of Goa has activated a massive project to enhance the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. This project includes providing easy access to the travelers by widening the road leading to the lake and installing street lamps and building a parking lot. A swimming pool near the lake, lighting, gazebos and an additional wall for sitting will also be done under this project. 

The Gopinath Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the Gopinath Temple is located near the lake. It is believed that Lord Krishna was the lord of the Gopis, and hence, the temple is named Gopinath. The original idol of Lord Krishna inside the temple was as old as the 14th century, but later it was moved to the Goa State Museum in Panaji. 

The Gopinath Temple is an ancient and simple architecture. The temple has four pillars that were carved with motifs in the Silhara-Kadamba pattern. This pattern can also be found at Tambdi Surla. Rock carved niches with Shivlings can be seen behind the temple. 

Other Attractions

Usgalimal Stone Age rock carvings are also present in the nearby area which has great historical and archaeological importance. The carvings are older than anything else in Goa and are very unique. 

The Mainapi and Savari waterfalls and the Salaulim Dam are the other major attractions in the vicinity. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, popular for its Dudhsagar Falls, is also close to the lake. 

A popular Muslum place of worship in Goa, the Jama Masjid is also situated in the Sanguem taluka. 

How To Reach Netravali Lake

The Netravali Bubbling Lake is located in the southern part of Goa, which is very well-connected to the major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. There are many options to travel and reach the lake. 

  • Nearest metropolitan city - Bengaluru
  • Nearest airbase - Dabolim Airport
  • Nearest railhead - Margao Railway Station
  • Distance from Bengaluru - 575 Kms

By Train - The nearest railhead to Bubbling Lake is Margao Railway Station. From here, you can easily find local buses and private taxis to cover the remaining distance. 

  • Distance from Margao Railway Station. 52 Kms

By Air - The nearest airbase to the Netravali Bubbling Lake is Dabolim Airport in Goa. From here, several options of taxis, buses, and self-driven cars or bikes are available to cover the remaining distance. 

  • Distance from Dabolim Airport. 71 Kms

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available To Reach Netravali Lake

By Road - The lake is tucked away in the southern parts of Goa in the Netravali Village. Goa is well-connected by a wide network of roads and highways. You can travel by interstate bus or drive your own car to reach the destination. 

  • Distance from Mumbai. 597 Kms
  • Distance from Pune. 478 Kms

Travel Tip - The Netravali Bubbling Lake is also a place of religious significance and hence, it is highly advisable that you help keep the area clean and undisturbed by any kind of noise. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Netravali Lake

Q: Are there flights to Goa from many Indian cities to reach Netravali Lake?
Ans. Yes, there are flights to Goa from many Indian cities.

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