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Praise one of the sea areas of Maharashtra named “ Diveagar” of Raigad district! If you are finding a full-fledged travelling place, then this is your ultimate destination. The tranquil sea, the lush green, and of course the people of Diveagar village are so generous to welcome you in the world of heaven. What else you can expect, the place is also equipped with posh hotels to stay.

Places to visit in Diveagar

Velas Beach

Such a solace, this beach offers! Once you are at the beach, you will love the peace and the sounds of wavy sea water.  A family get-together, love-birds get-together, the seashore is your dream destination.

Suwarna Ganesh Temple

This ancient temple is one of the places that holds a dvine hue to expose all over. Dedicated to Lord Ganesh, it is a must-visit temple. The temple is surrounded by a great ambiance that definitely holds the power of healing.

Things to do in Diveagar


While the mostly area is covered with sea, the green part of the Diveagar holds a mesmerizing scenery one can witness and can enjoy the photography session to such sights.

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The seashore of the beaches are home to migratory birds. Some of them can be international migratory birds.


The Diveagar is famous for the products of Coconut and beetle nuts.

Events and Festivals in/around Diveagar

Ganesh Chaturthi

One of the mega festivals that not only celebrated in the major cities of Maharashtra, the Diveagar village  is also one of the main places where you can see a humongous amount of get-together during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Best time to visit Diveagar

Once, you are in the beautiful village old Diveagar, you cannot miss the bliss around the area year-round. Though, the best sceneries you can capture during the winter months.

How to reach Diveagar?

Air- The closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport that is with distance of 100 kilometres.

Rail- The nearest railway station is Indapur Railway Station. After reaching the station, you can easily take a taxi or bus to reach Diveagar. It will take almost two hours to reach the village.

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