What best describes Diveagar, a village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, is its lush natural beauty; witnessing the crystal clear waters of the sea, white sand of the beaches, and coconut trees swooning gently along with the wind make it a perfect tourist destination to explore.

Diveagar is located on the Konkan coast and offers unique picturesque vistas to behold for tourists. Visiting here, you might even get to see Suru trees; a rare variety of pine trees. 

Best Time to Vist Diveagar

So, if you are on the lookout to discover something amazing which could fascinate you then a trip to Divegar is definitely worth your time any given day. The best time to visit Diveagar is between the months of July and September.

History of Diveagar

Historically, it is believed that this village was governed by Sheelahar Dynasty during 800 - 1265 AD. And even several pieces of evidence have been found which clearly depict that the history of this place dates back to about 500 years. Many experts claim that this village was attacked at least 3-4 times by Portuguese, Arabs, and Mughal invaders. 

Best Places To Visit In Diveagar

1. Diveagar Beach

This is yet another interesting travel getaway to explore in Diveagar. With almost dream-like surroundings, the beach will make you fall in love with it. If you are a travel enthusiast, this is the kind of place you must visit at least once in your life. Plus, you also get to have some joyful moments wherein you can play and indulge in a variety of activities by the beach. Diveagar Beach is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra.

2. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

There cannot be a better place than a wildlife sanctuary for all you nature and wildlife lovers out there. Traveling here, you get to discover a great variety of birds, animals, plants, and whatnot. It feels as if everything here has been made in a colorful tapestry by God himself. The sanctuary is located in an area of about 53 sq km and is almost nestled between the western coast and Northen Sahyadri Range.

3. Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira is a wooden structure that was created in the 16th century. The purpose of creating it was mainly to seek protection from the pirates. However, today, due to its historical significance, it has come across as a popular travel destination of Diveagar. You would absolutely love to visit here and while on your trip here, don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures as well.

How to Reach Diveagar

If you want to enjoy and feel the chill vibes of beaches and nature’s beauty then Diveagar in Maharashtra is the perfect place for you. To travel here and enjoy the charm of your surroundings you will need to cover a total distance of about 1,574, 173, 2,104, 921 km from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the travel details given below on how you can reach Diveagar. 

By Air

If you plan on taking a flight, then depending upon your convenience, you can consider deboarding at either Pune International Airport (PNQ) or Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM), Mumbai. From both the airports, you will need to cover a distance of 160-200 km to reach Diveagar. Both these airports have overall good flight connectivity with major airlines operating to and fro from various cities and towns catering to both domestic and international passengers. Once you deboard your flight, you can easily book a taxi or board a bus to reach here.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Diveagar

By Train

The nearest railway station is the Mangaon Railway Station situated at a distance of about 40-50 km away. This railway station is located on the Konkan Railway line and majorly serves the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It receives multiple trains routing to and fro such as Mandovi Express, Matsyagandha Express, and Dadar Sawantwadi Road Rajya Rani Express. Once you deboard at the station, consider taking a cab or some other means of local transportation available to reach your destination.

By Road

Depending on the location you reside in, you can also consider traveling to Diveagar by well-maintained and easily accessible roadways and national highways. One of the most convenient options to travel via road would be by bus. There is plenty of interstate and private buses available from the nearby regions. Otherwise, you can also consider booking a cab or taking your own vehicle here depending upon your overall comfort. 

  • From Mahabaleshwar - 126 km via SH72
  • From Lavasa - 174 km via Tamhini Ghat Road
  • From Lonavala - 148 km via SH92

Frequently Asked Questions about Diveagar

Q. What are some tourist attractions in Diveagar?
A. Some popular tourist attractions in Diveagar include the beach, Suvarna Ganesh Temple, Keshavraj Temple, and nearby Harihareshwar Temple.

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