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Top 5 Travel Blogger Couples

Couples who travel together stay together!

This little modification in this very well-known saying stands true for travel bloggers who are giving serious relationship, couple, and travel goals! Although the commercial twist of blogging while traveling with your spouse is in its nascent stage in India, yet it has managed to develop a niche and a dedicated audience for itself. Travel blogs and travel vlogs by couples are admired and appreciated because the readers and viewers get to see a destination through two lenses and perspectives, plus they also give you a detailed sketch of the place.

Scroll down to have a sneak peek into the official accounts of the top 5 most-followed and influential travel blogger couples who are doing it just right!

Savi and Vid - bruisedpassports

First, on the list are Savi and Vid with 372K followers on Instagram. The couple has named their Instagram handle Bruised Passports and after knowing the fact that they have been to 90 countries till date, you will understand why this name is appropriate for their account. These two wanderers travel to find happiness and work as a team of a photographer and writer that recreates magic on social media with authentic content and high-quality pictures. Their travel stories have appeared in renowned magazines such as The Huffington Post, National Geographic Traveller, and BBC Good Food magazine. The couple has also been to platforms like Ted X, TLC Asia, Discovery Channel and more to share their experiences.

Check out the stories from the 90 countries that they have travelled and the couple's future endeavors here

Rishab and Nirali - gypsycouple

Going strong with the motto of exploring life and each other on a never-ending journey, this adorable couple has a fan base of 46.6K followers on Instagram. Gypsycouple is the name of their official Instagram account. Fashion, food and luxury travel are the key areas of interest for Rishab and Nirali. If you are someone who is looking for hotel reviews, travel guides, and travel tips and tricks, then this couple has great things to share with you. Their Instagram account not only features the travel stories but also showcases their great photography skills wherein they have captured feelings and ambiance in a frame.

Have a sneak peek into their adventures by far

Revati and Charles - differentdoors