These Long Weekend Trips will Help You Forget All the COVID Stress

Needless to say, that weekends are for nothing but fun and unwinding yourself. So, when you feel like exploring around and kickstarting that adventure of yours, then, why not go for a long haul this time? 

If you are someone who likes long holidays, then, you are definitely going to like our list of top 10 holiday places where you can spend a chilled out weekend with your kinda people by your side.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Dharamshala

Thinking about spending a refreshing weekend? If yes, then perhaps there is no better place than Dharamshala to explore. Situated in the Kangra district, everything from the culture to the travel nuances of this adorable region will simply win your heart away. 

Perhaps, it is due to this, that a lot of tourists visit this getaway on an annual basis. The weather conditions of Dharamshala are also quite suitable and pleasant, offering the tourists with crisp air to breathe and the vast skies to explore.

Its amazing picturesque views which are inclusive of the mighty mountains, the waterfalls, the brighter skies and everything else comes across as a great place for spending a great weekend. The overall connectivity to Dharamshala is also okay. However, the best way to reach here would be via road networks from the nearby regions.

2. Rishikesh

Due to the presence of some really cool and adventure activities here like bungee jumping, river rafting, and even cliff diving Rishikesh comes across as truly a gem of a destination to visit, especially for all the weekend fun. 

It is basically a small town situated in Dehradun district and due to the spiritual significance wrapped around this place, Rishikesh is also referred to as the Yoga Capital of the World.

Since the beginning, Rishikesh has been a hub for sadhus and activities like meditation, inner-peace and everything in between. Perhaps this is also what makes Rishikesh an enchanting travel destination to visit in India.

Talking about connectivity, Rishikesh is well connected with nearby towns and cities and as per your convenience, you can opt for roadways, train networks and airways to reach here. 

3. Jim Corbett National Park