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Sri Lanka In September

Sri Lanka In September - Weather, Things To Do, Places To Visit

Sri Lanka, with its scenic train journeys, ancient ruins, aromatic tea plantations, and endless coastline, is a captivating travel destination throughout the year. However, understanding the best seasons to visit Sri Lanka can enhance your experience and allow you to make the most of your trip. In this article, we will delve into the wonders of Sri Lanka in September, exploring the weather conditions, places to visit, and the festivities that make this month a unique time to discover the charm of this beautiful island nation.

  • Sri Lanka weather in September
  • Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in September
  • Festivals and Events in Sri Lanka in September
  • Sri Lanka September travel tips
  • How to Reach Sri Lanka

1.Sri Lanka weather in September

Sri Lanka experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, thanks to its geographical location as an island surrounded by water. September marks the inter-monsoon period, when the country receives frequent rainfall, making it a time of limited tourism. Despite the rain, September offers a unique opportunity to explore Sri Lanka, especially the eastern coast, where rainfall is comparatively less than in other regions.

The average temperature in Sri Lanka in September ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Evenings are pleasant and dry, with temperatures dropping slightly at night. Packing light and comfortable clothing such as shorts and t-shirts, along with a waterproof jacket to be prepared for the occasional showers is advisable. The average rainfall during September is around 236mm, spread over approximately 14 days. With six hours of sunshine and 12 hours of daylight, it is important to protect yourself from the sun's rays by using sunscreen during your outdoor activities.

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2. Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in September

While the rain may limit some tourist spots, there are still several places worth exploring in Sri Lanka during September. Here are some recommendations for Sri Lanka in September itinerary:

Minneriya National Park

Located in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, Minneriya National Park is famous for "The Gathering." This spectacular event happens during the dry season, particularly in August and September, when many elephants gather near the park's reservoir. Witnessing hundreds of elephants interacting and bathing together is a truly awe-inspiring sight. The park also boasts a diverse range of wildlife, including deer, leopards, sloth bears, and a variety of bird species.

Kaudulla National Park

Adjacent to Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park offers another opportunity to observe the majestic Asian elephants. As the dry season comes to an end in September, the elephants gather near the Kaudulla Tank, providing a thrilling wildlife experience. Embark on a safari tour and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the park, surrounded by lush greenery and captivating wildlife.


For those seeking a beach getaway, Trincomalee is a perfect choice. Located on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka, this port town offers pristine beaches and a rich cultural heritage. Explore the historic Fort Frederick and marvel at the Koneswaram Temple, perched on Swami Rock cliff, providing breathtaking views of the ocean. Trincomalee is also famous for its opportunities for blue whale watching, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.


Situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka, Passikudah is a serene resort town known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Despite the hardships it faced during the 2004 Tsunami, Passikudah has recovered and now offers a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. Bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches, take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters, or simply unwind and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


If you're seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience, consider visiting Vavuniya. This small town, located around 215 km from Colombo, offers a serene vacation away from the tourist crowds. Immerse yourself in the local culture, sample authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, and explore the hidden gems of this quaint town. Vavuniya provides a unique opportunity to experience the local way of life and escape the bustling tourist hotspots.

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3. Festivals and Events in Sri Lanka in September

The Binara Poya Festival

The Binara Poya Festival, celebrated by Buddhists, commemorates important events in the life of Gautam Buddha. During this festival, locals dress up in traditional attire, participate in dances, and enact skits portraying the life and teachings of Buddha. It is a time for reflection, gratitude, and spreading the message of peace and enlightenment.

Colombo International Book Fair

The Colombo International Book Fair, organised by the Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association, is a significant event for book lovers and authors. Held in mid-September, the fair brings together accomplished authors and poets who discuss their bestsellers and engage with readers. It is also an opportunity for young writers to showcase their work and gain recognition in the literary world and is one of the major Sri Lanka September tourist attractions.


FACETS is an international gem and jewelry show held annually in Colombo since 1991. The event attracts local and foreign exhibitors who display exquisite gems and jewelry. It serves as a platform for buyers, designers, and enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the beauty of these precious stones. FACETS is a must-visit event for anyone with an interest in gemstones and jewelry.

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4. Sri Lanka September travel tips

Traveling to Sri Lanka in September can offer a mix of experiences, as the country transitions from the southwest to the northeast monsoon season. Here are some travel tips to make the most of your trip:

  • Weather Variability: September marks the shift between monsoons, so expect variable weather patterns across the country. The west and south coasts (Colombo, Galle, Bentota) will start to see improved weather with less rainfall, while the east and north (Trincomalee, Batticaloa) might still experience some rain.
  • Pack Accordingly: Pack a mix of lightweight, breathable clothing for warmer days and a light rain jacket or umbrella for occasional showers. If you plan to visit hill country areas, bring warmer layers for cooler evenings.
  • Explore Cultural Sites: The improved weather makes September a good time to explore cultural sites in the Cultural Triangle (Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa) and Kandy. You'll have a better chance of enjoying these outdoor attractions without heavy rainfall.
  • Beach Activities: As the weather improves along the west and south coasts, you can start enjoying beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.
  • Surfing: September may not be the best time to visit Sri Lanka, but it marks the start of the surf season on the east coast, especially in places like Arugam Bay. If you're a surfer, this could be an ideal time to catch some waves.
  • Wildlife Watching: National parks like Yala, Udawalawe, and Minneriya still offer good opportunities for wildlife safaris. The vegetation is lush after the monsoon rains, and animals are more active.
  • Less Crowded: September falls between peak tourist seasons, which means fewer crowds and potentially better deals on accommodations and flights.
  • Festivals: The Navarathri Festival might occur in September, depending on the lunar calendar. This Hindu festival is celebrated with colourful processions, dances, and religious ceremonies.
  • Check Local Events: Keep an eye out for local events or festivals that might be happening in the areas you're visiting. These events can provide insights into the local culture.
  • Stay Hydrated: The weather can still be warm and humid, so drink plenty of water. Carry a reusable water bottle with you.
  • Respect Cultural Etiquette: When visiting temples and other religious sites, remember to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering.
  • Local Cuisine: Enjoy Sri Lankan cuisine, including various curries and street food. This is a great opportunity to indulge in local flavours.
  • Travel Insurance: Ensure comprehensive travel insurance covers unexpected weather-related disruptions and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on local news, weather forecasts, and travel advisories to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

By planning, being flexible, and embracing the unique things to do in Sri Lanka in September, you can have a memorable and enriching journey in the country.

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5. How to Reach Sri Lanka

Bandaranaike International Airport

To reach Sri Lanka, the most convenient option is to take a flight. Direct flights are available from major Indian cities like New Delhi and Chennai, making it easily accessible for Indian travellers. Bandaranaike International Airport, located near the capital city of Colombo, is the main gateway for international visitors.

For those seeking an alternative mode of transportation, waterways are also an option. Cruises are available from Mumbai, taking approximately two days to reach Sri Lanka. Additionally, ferries operate from Rameshwaram, offering a scenic journey to the island.

Sri Lanka in September offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and festive celebrations. Despite the occasional rain showers, this month provides an opportunity to explore the less crowded destinations and indulge in authentic Sri Lankan experiences. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a beach lover, or a history buff, Sri Lanka has something to captivate every traveller.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sri Lanka In September

Q1. How is the weather in Sri Lanka during September?
A1. September marks the transition between the southwest and northeast monsoon seasons in Sri Lanka. Generally, the weather can be a mix of occasional rain showers and intermittent sunshine. The southwest monsoon starts to recede, leading to less rainfall on the western and southern coasts, while the northeast monsoon is yet to set in on the east coast fully. Temperatures are warm and can vary between regions.

Q2. Can visitors enjoy water activities and beach vacations during this month?
A2. Yes, visitors can still enjoy water activities and beach vacations in September, especially on the western and southern coasts where the weather is generally drier. While there might be occasional rain showers, the sea is usually calm, making it suitable for swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports.

Q3. What are the popular destinations for wildlife safaris and birdwatching?
A3. Sri Lanka has several popular destinations for wildlife safaris and birdwatching in September. Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park are known for leopard sightings and diverse birdlife. Udawalawe National Park is famous for its elephant population, and Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with rich biodiversity.

Q4. Are there any cultural or religious events celebrated in September?
A4. In September, Sri Lanka celebrates the Binara Full Moon Poya, which commemorates important events in Buddhism. This might involve various religious observances and rituals across the country.

Q5. Can visitors witness any unique natural phenomena or animal behaviours?
A5. September might offer opportunities to witness the gathering of elephants in Minneriya National Park for the "Elephant Gathering," a remarkable spectacle where large herds of elephants come together around the Minneriya Tank.

Q6. Are there any special events or festivals organised for September travellers?
A6. While there might not be major festivals specifically for September travellers, you can often find local cultural events, art exhibitions, and music festivals taking place in cities like Colombo and Kandy.

Q7. What are the recommended hill stations or cool areas to visit in September?
A7. Hill stations like Nuwara Eliya and Ella are popular destinations to escape the heat. The higher altitudes provide cooler temperatures and lush landscapes, making it an enjoyable time for hiking and exploring the scenic beauty.

Q8. Can visitors find any seasonal discounts or offers on accommodations?
A8. September is considered part of the off-peak or shoulder season in Sri Lanka, so there's a possibility of finding some discounts or special offers on accommodations. However, it's advisable to book in advance, especially in popular tourist areas.

Q9. Are there any specific travel tips for September travellers regarding weather?
A9. Pack light clothing for warm weather but also include an umbrella and rain jacket due to occasional showers. Mosquito repellent might be useful, especially in areas with higher humidity. Check weather forecasts regularly and plan outdoor activities accordingly.

Q10. Can visitors find any special eco-tourism activities or initiatives in September?
A10. Sri Lanka has a growing focus on ecotourism and sustainable travel practices. While not exclusive to September, you can participate in activities like wildlife conservation projects, tree planting initiatives, and community-based tourism experiences that promote responsible travel.

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