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Airports In Sri Lanka

Top 12 Airports In Sri Lanka for Unforgettable Journeys

Come to Sri Lanka's crowded airport terminals, where the island's rich traditional heritage and modernisation coexist. The well-known Bandaranaike International Airport's main entrance welcomes visitors with its modern facilities and effective services. You will be welcomed with friendly hospitality when you set foot on Sri Lankan territory and have a smooth travel experience. You'll notice a seamless fusion of old-world elegance and modern convenience as soon as you arrive, reflecting the country's distinct identity. These airports act as essential hubs, entraining the various landscapes, spotless beaches, and energetic cities just waiting for your exploration. The airports in Sri Lanka provide an ideal environment for a fantastic journey full of cultural contacts and natural attractions with various Colombo airport hotels. Whether you're setting off on an adventure or flying home.

Top 12 Airports in Sri Lanka

Here are the top 12 Sri Lanka airport guide mentioned below:

  • Bandaranaike International Airport. Aerial Visual of the Busy Airport Terminal
  • Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport. A Modern Airport Building Against a Landscape of Open Fields
  • Ratmalana Airport. Private Aircraft are Parked on the Runway at the Little Airport
  • Batticaloa Airport. Comfortable Rural Airport Encircled by Peaceful Scenery and Palm Trees
  • Jaffna International Airport. A Terminal Building That Reflects Jaffna's Cultural History
  • Sigiriya Airport. Hidden in Dense Vegetation Close to Sigiriya
  • Trincomalee Airport. A Coastal Airport With a Backdrop of Azure Waves
  • Anuradhapura Airport. Calm Ambience at a Small Regional Airport
  • Ampara Airport. Serving the Ampara Neighborhood
  • Koggala Airport. A Lovely Visual of a Coastal Airport
  • Wirawila Airport. Encircled by Forests and Farms
  • Palali Airport. Mountainous Landscape in the Background

1.Bandaranaike International Airport

Sri Lanka's leading international entry site is Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. It welcomes visitors from all around the world with its modern facilities and helpful services. The busy terminal serves various airlines, ensuring smooth connectivity and improving the journey to and from this beautiful island nation.

  • Number of Terminals. Three passenger terminals
  • Number of Flights Per Day. 65 departure flights each day

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2. Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport 

In 2013, the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, was inaugurated. Despite efforts to improve operations, the airport has encountered difficulties like low passenger flow and few airline services. Its isolation and underutilisation have prompted discussions concerning its viability and upcoming development plans.

  • Number of Terminals. One passenger terminal
  • Number of Flights Per Day. 1 departure flight each day

3. Ratmalana Airport | Private Aircraft are Parked on the Runway at the Little Airport

Colombo, Sri Lanka's Ratmalana Airport is a domestic and training airport. Its long history extends back to the British colonial era and serves general aviation, flight instruction, and private charters today. Due to its historical significance and proximity to the nation's capital, it is a key hub for smaller aircraft operations.

  • Number of Terminals. Two passenger terminal
  • Number of Flights Per Day. 20 flights per day

4. Batticaloa Airport | Comfortable Rural Airport Encircled by Peaceful Scenery and Palm Trees

Eastern Sri Lanka's Batticaloa Airport is a domestic airport mostly serving regional aircraft. The airport's renovation in 2018 sought to increase local connectivity. Although it is essential to improving the region's transportation options, its remote location makes it difficult to improve its infrastructure and attract more air traffic.

  • Number of Terminals. One terminal
  • Number of Flights Per Day. 2 departure flights per day

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5. Jaffna International Airport | A Terminal Building That Reflects Jaffna's Cultural History

An important step forward in the area's connectivity was made in 2019 with the opening of Jaffna International Airport in Northern Sri Lanka. It seeks to promote tourist, trade, and economic growth by providing internal and a few limited international flights. The growth of the area has been facilitated by the airport's strategic location and enhanced accessibility, which make travel alternatives more convenient for both locals and tourists.

  • Number of Terminals. A single runway and terminal building operated by the Airport and Aviation Services

6. Sigiriya Airport | Hidden in Dense Vegetation Close to Sigiriya

During the World War II crisis, the Royal Air Force established Sigiriya Airport as an airbase. The Sigiriya airport is a government-owned domestic airport and air force facility. The airport's history dates back to World War I, and it was shut down following that conflict. The airbase was reopened in 1985 due to an invitation from Air Marshal Donald Perera, Commander of the Air Force.

  • Number of Terminals. Small base airport

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7. Trincomalee Airport | A Coastal Airport With Backdrop of Azure Waves

Northeastern Sri Lanka's Trincomalee Airport is a significant regional transportation centre. The airport supports internal and international flights due to its advantageous location along the Indian Ocean, which helps the region's economy and tourism. Modern amenities and picturesque surroundings at Trincomalee Airport make it a crucial starting point for visitors exploring this stunning region of Sri Lanka.

  • Number of Terminals. One terminal
  • Number of Flights Per Day. 1 flight per day

8. Anuradhapura Airport | Calm Ambience at a Small Regional Airport

The historic Sri Lankan city of Anuradhapura is home to Anuradhapura Airport, essential for linking the area to other regions. Both visitors and historians are attracted to this domestic airport because it provides easy access to Anuradhapura's cultural and archaeological treasures. Anuradhapura Airport leads to discovering Sri Lanka's rich heritage and natural beauty with its simple yet effective infrastructure.

  • Number of Terminals. A military base

9. Ampara Airport | Serving the Ampara Neighborhood

The Ampara district of Sri Lanka's Ampara district houses Ampara Airport, a crucial connection for the area's connectivity. It mostly serves domestic traffic and makes getting to Ampara and neighbouring tourist attractions easier. Despite being relatively tiny, Ampara Airport effectively supports the neighbourhood. It encourages tourism by giving travellers access to Sri Lanka's gorgeous Eastern Province, renowned for its stunning scenery and cultural attractions.

  • Number of Terminals. A military base

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10. Koggala Airport | A Lovely Visual of a Coastal Airport

The stunning coastal regions of Sri Lanka are easily accessible from Koggala Airport, located in the country's southern portion. Focusing on internal flights gives visitors easy access to well-liked locations like Galle and Unawatuna. For travellers looking to experience the charm of the southern Sri Lankan coastline, Koggala Airport is an essential transit hub due to its proximity to beautiful beaches and historical landmarks.

  • Number of Terminals. Used for domestic and military flight purposes.

11. Wirawila Airport | Encircled by Forests and Farms

Sri Lanka's Hambantota district is home to Wirawila Airport, which provides a crucial connection to the country's southern regions. This airport primarily serves domestic travel and provides easy access to Yala National Park, known for its animals and safaris. With the help of Wirawila Airport, tourists can discover the natural beauties and wildlife of this picturesque region of Sri Lanka.

  • Number of Terminals. One terminal

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12. Palali Airport | Mountainous Landscape in the Background

The Jaffna district of northern Sri Lanka's Palali Airport is a key regional transportation centre. It was formerly utilised for military operations but has now been converted into a commercial airport that connects Jaffna to the rest of the nation. Palali Airport makes visiting this historically significant region easier, fostering economic growth and cross-cultural interactions. The hope for the development and prosperity of Northern Sri Lanka has been reignited by its reopening.

Colombo International Airport is Sri Lanka's main international entry point, sometimes called Bandaranaike International Airport. It is situated in Katunayake, close to Colombo. It manages a sizable amount of Sri Lanka's international air traffic, a vital link between Sri Lanka and the rest of the globe. Book your tickets now with Adotrip and get the benefits of airport transfer services Sri Lanka to make your travelling easier by visiting this airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Airports in Sri Lanka

Q1. What are the major international airports in Sri Lanka?
There are two important international airports in Sri Lanka: Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in Hambantota and Bandaranaike International Airport, close to the capital city of Colombo. These airports serve trade and tourism by facilitating both domestic and international flights.

Q2. How do I travel from Bandaranaike International Airport to Colombo city centre?
You can get a cab from Bandaranaike International Airport to Colombo's city centre, an airport shuttle, or a useful express train service.

Q3. Are there domestic airports in Sri Lanka?
Yes, Sri Lanka has some domestic airports, including those at Koggala, Ampara, Trincomalee, and others. These airports offer connectivity to diverse areas of the nation, fostering tourism and local economic growth.

Q4. Which airlines operate flights to and from Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka is connected to numerous international locations worldwide by flights operated by major airlines, including Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Air India.

Q5. What facilities and services are available at Sri Lanka's airports?
The airports in Sri Lanka provide a variety of amenities and services, such as customs and immigration, duty-free shopping, food options, car rentals, lounges, and transportation. The Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport and the Bandaranaike International Airport offer complete passenger amenities.

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