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Top 10 Michelin Star Worthy Indian Restaurants Perfect for Food Connoisseurs

Food has been an integral part of human civilization. Culinary techniques and delight have changed, developed, and improvised further with time. People say that good food has the power to bring people together, and the power is surely unmatched by any other element existing in this world. But how do we assure ourselves that it would satisfy our taste buds and our gastronomic cravings after having a restaurant's gourmet collection of food? Well! The standards of Michelin Star Restaurants, India, would be the highest assurance.

Michelin Star Restaurants are now spread across the globe. Michelin Stars are like badges given to restaurants and chefs for serving the best culinary delights using premium-quality ingredients and mixing them to create the perfect blend of taste and flavors presented in the most appealing way such that the unique identity of the restaurant and the chef is highlighted.

Such a sumptuous culinary presentation would surely satiate the taste buds and soothe the gastronomic cravings of the Food Connoisseurs. The following list mentions the best restaurants in India following Michelin Star dining standards.

Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants presenting Michelin Star Standard Dining in India

Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi

1. Akira Back

Just like the name suggests, the restaurant Akira Back has a Japanese legend associated with it. Chef Akira, a Michelin Star Holder chef, started the restaurant. This restaurant is the spin-off from its mother restaurant, located in Las Vegas. Akira Back serves Japanese Culinary Delights with a twist and magic touch to suit the Indian taste buds habituated to eating spice-enriched cuisines. The Japanese sushi comes with a dash of Korean flavors and enhances the dining experience of the foodies at the restaurant. Well! That is just a hint. You should be ready for more of such drama and detailing on your platter. But Chef Akira ensures serving beautifully refined delicacies. He provides personal attention to each dining plate and serves world-class dishes on each diner’s plate. The ambience at Akira Back is just beyond the world, and it is definitely a high-class luxurious dining experience for food lovers.

Major Cuisines. Yellowtail, Jalapeno Carpaccio, Sushi, Sashimi, Chicken Tacos, Salmon, Tuna Pizza, Cheesecake, and Rolls.

Approximate Cost. Around INR 5000 for two people.

Location. Aerocity, New Delhi.

2. Megu

This restaurant is a branch of the restaurant with the same name ‘Megu’, a Michelin Star Restaurant in New York, USA. The restaurant specializes in authentic Japanese cuisines blended with elegance and sophistication. The popular ‘bincho-tan’ techniques infuse the spices and the aroma of the authentic Japanese platter just amazingly. Combined with the absolutely stunning décor of the restaurant dressed in crimson blue, the restaurant undoubtedly tops the list of the best Japanese restaurants in the country.

Major Cuisines. Sushi Bar, Sashimi, Scallops, Salmon, and the amazingly tasty Wasabi Prawns.

Approximate Cost. Around INR 5500 for two people.

Location. Chanakyapuri, Delhi.

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3. India Accent

The restaurant has the special touch of Chef Manish Mehrotra, who specializes in serving unforgettable Indian platters with a dash of innovation in its presentation. A beautiful waterfront view and aromatic and synergistic floral décor make up the décor of the restaurant. The dishes prepared in this restaurant carefully present the rich flavours of this country elegantly and infuse them with modern styling techniques to make the gastronomic event an unforgettable one.

Major Cuisines. Puchka Five Water, Turmeric Rice, Pav Bhaji, Naan, Butter Chicken Kulcha, Chaats, Dal Makhani.

Approximate Cost. Around INR 5000 for two people.

Location. Pragati Vihar, Delhi.

4. Wasabi by Morimoto

This fine dining restaurant is the brainchild of Masaharu Morimoto. The chef has intentionally and intelligently designed the restaurant, and the menu served here intricately portrays the fine blend of contemporary style and old-school temperament. This classical blend of style brings out the best of Japanese cuisine on the platter. It is among the best restaurants in India, serving authentic Japanese cuisine in a contemporary blend of plating and flavoring that surely deserves the accolades it gets. Wasabi by Morimoto is a hallmark of taste, quality, presentation, and décor. Thus, it deserves to be termed as matching the standards of Michelin-star restaurants in India.

Major Cuisines. Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Puff Pastry, Lobster, and the famous Miso Soup.

Approximate Cost. Around INR 10,000 for two people.

Location. Colaba, Mumbai.

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5. Ziya

The brainchild of globally recognised Indian origin chef Vineet Bhatia Ziya is a branch of the global chain of fine dining restaurants with the same name. Ziya's branch in London has earned two stars. The restaurant specialises in serving its signature dishes with the European presentation style and authentic Indian flavours and tempers. In fact, the restaurant is known for blending the European Indian and other global styles of cooking and presentation to innovate its menu, such as the introduction of Butter Chicken Gravy Ice Cream. The fine ambience gets a thumbs-up while the innovative blend of taste, presentation and plating to serve the innovative dishes helps in maintaining the standards of Michelin star restaurants in India.