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Manali Honeymoon Places

Top 15 Manali Honeymoon Places : Love, Adventure & Scenic Bliss

Manali remains a popular destination throughout the year, with enticing mountain adventures available everywhere. Depending on the season, areas like Vashisht and Old Manali cater well to backpackers, offering various activities such as trekking, climbing, rafting, and skiing. Simultaneously, many honeymooners resort to exploring Manali for couples to experience their first encounter with snow. Manali is a dream honeymoon destination nestled in the breathtaking Himalayan mountains. Its serene landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and charming atmosphere create a romantic haven for newlyweds. Couples can get ready to soak in the beauty of romantic getaways in Manali and explore lush valleys, enjoy cosy stays in hillside resorts, and savour moments of togetherness amidst the natural beauty of Manali.

List Of Top 15 Honeymoon Spots In Manali | Love, Adventure & Scenic Bliss

Newlyweds often ponder their ideal honeymoon destination, and Manali frequently emerges as a top contender. If you're wondering, "Is Manali suitable for a honeymoon?" you're not alone. Manali's undeniable charm and appeal draw countless couples yearly, especially if you cherish chilly weather, mountain scenery, and cosy moments over coffee. Rekindle your love and engage in heart-to-heart conversations at these enchanting locations in Manali, ensuring your honeymoon becomes an everlasting memory. Discover the finest romantic spots in Manali to create enduring memories with your beloved

  • Mall Road | A Paradise for Shopaholics
  • Vashishtha Hot Spring | Nature’s Warm Embrace
  • Solang Valley | A Haven for Adventure-loving Couples
  • Gulaba | Revel in the Tranquil Ambiance
  • Jogini Falls | Share Intimate Moments in a Secluded Setting
  • Beas River | Listen to the Soothing Sounds of the River
  • Hidimba Devi Temple | Seek Blessings from Goddess Hidimba
  • Van Vihar | Enjoy a Leisurely Boat Ride on the Man-made Lake
  • Manikaran |Where Faith Meets Natural Wonder
  • Kullu Valley | Immerse Yourselves in Scenic Splendour
  • Manali Wildlife Sanctuary | Explore the Wonders of Wildlife Together
  • Rohtang Pass| Witness Unparalleled Natural Beauty
  • Kothi | Delight in Hiking and Camping Adventures
  • Pandoh Dam | Marvel at Exotic Migratory Bird
  • Old Manali | Stroll Through Charming, Picturesque Streets

1. Mall Road | A Paradise for Shopaholics

Shopping is one of the most delightful activities for couples in Manali, and Mall Road stands out as an iconic destination. Revered as Manali's heart, Mall Road is a hub of activity, with numerous dhabas, cafés, restaurants, and fantastic opportunities for those skilled in bargaining. On your Manali honeymoon, explore Mall Road and let your shopping desires run wild at various emporiums, including Thai Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, Shangri La Shopping Complex, Snow Lion Underground Market, and more. Mall Road also boasts some of the best accommodations for honeymooners in Manali.


  • Mall Road, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Things to do:

  • Shop for Tibetan and Himalayan handicrafts.
  • Purchase souvenirs like prayer wheels, Dorjes, Buddhist paintings, and more.
  • Explore the local markets and indulge in some bargaining.
  • Savour delicious snacks at eateries along Mall Road.
  • Visit the Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple.
  • Take a romantic night stroll along the bustling street.

2. Vashishtha Hot Spring | Nature’s Warm Embrace

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Vashishtha Hot Springs in Manali beckon seekers of tranquillity and rejuvenation. As the pristine waters gently caress the senses, visitors find solace in nature's warm embrace. These natural geothermal wonders offer a unique opportunity to unwind amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings. The therapeutic properties of these hot springs are said to heal both body and soul, making it a must-visit for those seeking a revitalising escape amidst the majestic beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Come immerse yourself in this soothing oasis and experience nature's embrace like never before.


  • Vashishtha, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Things to do:

  • Bathe in the natural hot springs for a soothing and therapeutic experience.
  • Explore the Vashishtha Temple nearby.
  • Enjoy the scenic surroundings and lush greenery.
  • Take a dip in the Beas River, which flows nearby.

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3. Solang Valley | A Haven for Adventure-loving Couples

Known as Snow Valley, it offers a mesmerising expanse of pure white snow against a backdrop of clear blue skies and majestic peaks. Adventure enthusiasts will find a treasure trove of activities like skiing, parachuting, paragliding, trekking, and mountaineering to create enduring memories.


  • Solang Valley, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Things to do:

  • Engage in adventure sports like paragliding, zorbing, and skiing (seasonal).
  • Explore the picturesque landscapes and snow-covered peaks.
  • Enjoy a Gondola ride for stunning views.
  • Visit during the Solang Valley Winter Festival (in December).

4. Gulaba | Revel in the Tranquil Ambience

Add an adventurous thrill to your Manali honeymoon by visiting Gulaba. This is one of the secluded places for honeymoon in Manali. A quaint village that gained fame after featuring in the Bollywood film "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani." Nestled amid towering peaks and lush meadows, Gulaba offers picture-perfect vistas and a serene atmosphere. This serene village along the Leh-Manali highway is perfect for peace-seekers, offering romantic experiences like camping under the stars, skiing, hiking, paragliding, and scenic horse or yak rides.


  • Gulaba, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Things to do:

  • Spend a night in a camp amidst the serene surroundings.
  • Stargaze while having heartfelt conversations.
  • Engage in adventure activities like skiing, hiking, and paragliding.
  • Experience a yak or horse ride.
  • Enjoy views of the snowy peaks.

5. Jogini Falls | Share Intimate Moments in a Secluded Setting

Escape the crowds of Manali with a visit to Jogini Falls, a remote and untouched gem surrounded by nature's beauty. Trek through narrow paths, orchards, pine forests, and small streams to reach this tranquil spot, perfect for quality time together. Listen to the roaring waterfall, gaze at the Rohtang La peaks, and cherish the serenity of Jogini Falls.


  • Jogini Falls, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Things to do:

  • Listen to the soothing sounds of the waterfall.
  • Witness the stunning peaks of Rohtang La.
  • Spend quality time in a peaceful ambiance.
  • Capture beautiful moments with your camera.
  • Enjoy the trek through narrow paths to reach Jogini Falls.

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6. Beas River | Listen to the Soothing Sounds of the River

The Beas River, a lifeline of Himachal Pradesh, meanders through the enchanting landscapes of Manali, gifting the region with its vitality. Glistening under the sun, it offers more than just a visual spectacle. Its melodious flow whispers secrets of nature, inviting travellers to its banks for solace and adventure. Many Manali honeymoon resorts are located alongside this gushing river for stunning views. Whether you seek peaceful serenity or thrilling water activities, the Beas River's embrace promises a memorable journey along its banks.


  • Beas River, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Things to do:

  • Relax by the riverbanks and enjoy the serene atmosphere.
  • Take a leisurely walk or picnic along the river.
  • Enjoy fishing or angling (seasonal).
  • Raft on the Beas River for an adventurous experience.

7. Hidimba Devi Temple | Seek Blessings from Goddess Hidimba