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Honeymoon Places Near Delhi

14 Best Honeymoon Places Near Delhi

Are you planning a romantic getaway after tying the knot? With its vibrant culture and bustling streets, Delhi serves as the perfect starting point for honeymooners seeking a memorable escape. Honeymoon packages to visit nearby places in Delhi offer many options to suit every couple's preferences. But what if you're looking to venture beyond the city's limits? Fortunately, several enchanting honeymoon destinations within 300 kilometres of Delhi promise an unforgettable experience.

One key consideration for honeymooners is the weather in Delhi for a honeymoon. Delhi experiences distinct seasons: hot summers, monsoon rains, and chilly winters. Planning your trip during a season that aligns with your desired weather conditions is essential. Luckily, the proximity of these destinations allows you to choose from various climates, ensuring a comfortable and romantic escape. In the following paragraphs, we'll introduce you to some of the most enticing honeymoon spots near Delhi, each offering a unique charm and the opportunity to create lasting memories with your beloved.

List of Top 14 Places To Visit Near Delhi For Couple

Are you seeking a romantic getaway where love blossoms among beauty and spirituality? Prepare to uncover the hidden gems of the best honeymoon destinations around Delhi. We present a thoughtfully curated selection of Honeymoon destinations within 300 km of Delhi.

  • Agra | Taj Treasure
  • Jaipur | Pink Palace
  • Rishikesh | River Bliss
  • Neemrana | Fort Fantasy
  • Mathura | Krishna's Haven
  • Haridwar | Ganga Serenity
  • Jim Corbett National Park | Wild Retreat
  • Vrindavan | Divine Escape
  • Nainital | Lake Serenity
  • Alwar | Heritage Charm
  • Bharatpur | Bird Paradise
  • Chandigarh | Modern Elegance
  • Sariska | Tiger Hideaway
  • Neemrana | Royal Oasis
  • Auli | Snowy Haven

1. Agra | Taj Treasure

Can you imagine a more iconic backdrop for your honeymoon than the timeless Taj Mahal? Agra, home to this architectural marvel, offers a journey through India's imperial history. Agra, the epitome of eternal love, welcomes you to its history and romance treasure trove.

  • Distance from Delhi: 230 km
  • Best Places to Visit: Iconic Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Mehtab Bagh.

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2. Jaipur | Pink City

Welcome to Jaipur, the Pink City, where every nook and corner resonates with a vibrant heritage and regal opulence. Rajasthani cuisine or marvelling at the intricate designs of Hawa Mahal. With its majestic Pink Palace, Jaipur invites you on a romantic journey amid its regal charm. This place is a haven for you if you seek some of the Best honeymoon resorts near Delhi.

  • Distance from Delhi: 280 km
  • Best Places to Visit: Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal

3. Rishikesh | River Bliss

Have you ever dreamed of a honeymoon where the gentle melody of the Ganges River serenades your days and nights? Rishikesh, a spiritual haven in the Himalayan foothills, offers just that. Here, your love story unfolds against lush greenery and pristine waters. Rishikesh, the land of river bliss, calls you to discover love amid nature's symphony.

  • Distance from Delhi: 240 km
  • Best Places to Visit: Neer Garh Waterfall, Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula.

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4. Neemrana | Fort Fantasy

Are you ready to step into a fairy tale on your honeymoon? With its enchanting fort-turned-hotel, Neemrana invites you to live your royal fantasy. Neemrana, where your fort fantasy comes to life, awaits your love story.

  • Distance from Delhi: 125 km
  • Best Places to Visit: Neemrana Fort

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5. Mathura | Krishna's Haven

Have you ever imagined celebrating love in the land where Lord Krishna was born? Mathura, with its divine aura, offers a unique honeymoon experience steeped in spirituality and culture. The city's temples and ghats echo with the sounds of devotion, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for soulful moments together.

  • Distance from Delhi: 160 km
  • Best Places to Visit: ShriKrishan Janambhoomi Mandir, Mathura Museum, Gokul Village, Yamuna River

6. Haridwar | Ganga Serenity