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Food Of Iceland

11 Famous Food Of Iceland You Must Try In 2024

Typically, most people have heard about Iceland in regards to its cascading waterfalls, mountain cliffs, illuminated Arctic sky, and fragmented glaciers. However, not many people would have discovered the cuisine of Iceland.

You will be amazed to know that the food of Iceland only contains meat, dairy, and fish. Strange, right? Well, it is true! And there are no green vegetables and fruits as the people didn't grow any. Most of the food of Iceland contains these three things, and fruits and vegetables are imported into the country only on special occasions.

So, if you are a meat lover, there will be a lot on the menu. However, if you are a vegetarian, you may have to plan your trip at a specific time. Anyway, here is the best food in Iceland!

List Of 11 Best Food Of Iceland

From dairy products like Skyr to non-vegetarian food choices like slow-roasted lamb, Icelandic fish, and the weird fermented shark, Iceland cuisine is nothing more than a surprise. So, be open to trying anything if you are visiting out of the festive season.

  • Skyr | The Authentic Icelandic Product
  • Icelandic Ice Cream | The Most Liked Thing
  • Hardfiskur | The Movie Time Snack!
  • Kjotsupa | The Winter Comfort Food
  • Pylsa, Icelandic Hot Dog | The Signature Dish
  • Hakarl | The Dare to Try Dish
  • Lightly Salted Cod | The Side Dish
  • Rjúpa | It's a Bird!
  • Hangikjöt | Maybe this is what you were waiting for!
  • Thunder Bread | The Side for Sides
  • Snúður | The Yummy Chocolate!

1. Skyr | The Authentic Icelandic Product

If you want to taste the authentic Icelandic recipes first, try out the Skyr. This creamy yet a bit sour dish is made with the amalgamation of cottage cheese and yoghurt. It is made by blending skimmed milk with the bacteria culture to form a thick and creamy delicacy that no one can resist.

Often served with honey, berries, cream, or milk, Skyr is also used in smoothies, ice cream, and Skyrkaka, a lighter alternative to cheesecake. It has become widely popular across the globe lately.

  • Where to try Skyr in Iceland: Skyrland, The Old Dairy Selfoss
  • Price: ISK 125 to ISK 309

2. Icelandic Ice Cream | The Most Liked Thing

In a country like Iceland, many would think that ice cream would not be popular. But, it is exactly the opposite. People of Iceland love ice cream so much that it is available almost everywhere across the country. Whether it is a shopping mall, local market, cafe, or gas station, you will find ice creams of various flavours everywhere.

The scrumptious flavours of ice creams are served with different sources and toppings. The fact that ice cream is so popular in Iceland makes it a part of everyone's bucket list.

  • Where to try it in Iceland: Brynjuís in Akureyri, North Iceland
  • Price: ISK 900

3. Hardfiskur | The Movie Time Snack!

Many of you would eat fish in the form of fish fingers or a gravy dish. However, you will be amazed to know that in Iceland, people consume it in a dried form with butter. Though it is eaten along with butter, it is still considered a healthy alternative to chips and other movie-time snacks.

This dried fish is usually made from cod, but alternatives like haddock or wolffish are also popular. And just like maturing cheese, the fish is also dried in the presence of bacteria.

  • Where to try it in Iceland: Grillmarkaðurinn, Ströndin
  • Price: ISK 7

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4. Kjotsupa | The Winter Comfort Food

When winter arrives in Iceland, Kjotsupa is one of the most popular comfort foods eaten across the country. This savoury soup is made of lamb, and it is perfect to consume after a long day of adventure outside.

Most of the people consume it with other side dishes. However, the dish itself is enough t to satisfy your hunger. Most of the families make it in their way, but the must-have ingredients of this soup are lamb shank, potatoes, rutabagas, and carrots. It can also contain leeks, dried herbs, onions, salt, and pepper.

  • Where to try it in Iceland: Kaffi Loki
  • Price: ISK 300 to ISK 400

5. Pylsa, Icelandic Hot Dog | The Signature Dish

If you want to taste the flavours of spices and ingredients mangling together in your mouth, the Icelandic Hot Dog is the best food to try. There is a special restaurant, Bæjarins beztu pylsur, in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík, where the best pylsur is served.

Though this junction is crowded, the cost of the hot dogs is affordable. Though the primary element of the hot dog is lamb, beef, or pork, it is made more spicer and yummy with the help of crispy deep-fried and raw onions, ‘pylsusinnep’ (sweet brown mustard), and tomato ketchup.

  • Where to try it in Iceland: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur
  • Price: ISK 400 to ISK 600

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6. Hakarl | The Dare to Try Dish