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15 Famous Foods Of USA : You Must Try In 2024

Whether it's about fashion, technology, or job opportunities, the United States of America (USA) is always on our list. The wonderland offers beautiful landscapes, rich history, progressive fashion, the world’s most ingenious technology, and millions of delicious dishes. The food of the USA has various options for everyone, including vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians. Whether you are on a work trip or holiday, the country's gastronomy will leave you in awe and make your stay more fun.

List Of 15 Top Food Of The USA

American cuisine shows traces of various cultures, including Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc. The reason behind this diversity is immigration from different areas. They use cooking techniques inspired by early European cooking methods, like grilling meat and spit roasting. Various American dishes like hamburgers and mac and cheese have gained global recognition. Let’s list a few American dishes that should be on your bucket list while travelling to the USA.

  • Hamburger - Everyone’s favourite snack
  • Apple Pie - The must-try dessert on every feast
  • Tater Tots - The right way to start your meal
  • Jerky - To start a meaty affair for proteins
  • Mac and Cheese - The classic American instant dish
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings - Juicy chicken wings that can sway your mind
  • Hot Dog - The handy snack for a quick bite
  • Meatloaf - Essential comfort food for every American
  • Grits - Ideal American breakfast
  • Barbecue Ribs - Flavoursome meaty delight
  • Cuban Sandwich - The signature sandwich of Tampa
  • Chop Suey - A fusion dish blending American and Chinese flavours
  • Avacado Toast - The breakfast of many celebrities
  • Baked Ziti - Italian flavours in American style
  • Chicken Fried Steak - Spicy and meaty delicacy that you shouldn’t miss

1. Hamburger | National dish of the USA to satiate hunger

It is the most accessible and popular snack that originated in the US. Try this dish with a ground beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables within two bun slices. Earlier, people used to consume meat and bread separately, but with the invention of the hamburger, eating them together has become more time-saving. Now, the burger is classified as fast food and is the USA's traditional food, a culinary icon of the country.

2. Apple Pie | The ultimate dessert to make celebrations merrier

This dish originated in England. It is a fruit pie primarily stuffed with apples. But when European immigrants came to the country, the natives were introduced to the prime apple pie ingredients like nutmeg and cinnamon. Soon the dish caught everyone’s heart and became a part of traditional American food in the 18th and 19th centuries.

3. Tater Tots | Crispy snacks for everyone

This dish is a famous food in the USA. It is a grated potato patty in a cylindrical shape. This dish is crispy with mild seasoning. It is a popular snack among people of different ages. You can pair it with different types of dips. Moreover, many frozen food companies have included this dish in their stock-keeping units.

4. Jerky | Slices of dried meat with relishing marination

It is a nomadic staple dish for Americans among cowboys, minors, and pioneers. Different types of meat are dried with salt and later marinated or seasoned. This dish substitutes a pickle as it requires no additional preparation. Moreover, you don’t need to refrigerate it for preservation, and it has a high dose of proteins. Some jerky consists of sweeteners; thus, this side dish has various flavours. If you want to add some meat to your dish, order one of the best USA dishes with your meal.

5. Mac and Cheese | Cheesy delight for sudden cravings

Pasta is a crucial part of Italian cuisine. Still, when it comes to macaroni and cheese, it is the American version of the pasta. You will be surprised that it is the best food in usa. People in the office and children at home consider this dish the go-to one to fill their stomachs instantly. All you need is to bake macaroni and cheddar cheese together. It has mild seasoning and a lot of cheese. You can find it easily on every cafe and restaurant's menu. If you love cheesy delights, you must try it.

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6. Buffalo chicken wings | Appetising crispy chicken wings from American streets

Chicken wings are love, and these buffalo wings can intensify that emotion. This dish is crispy deep-fried chicken wings that have a coating of a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and melted butter. People serve it with sauteed vegetables and dips like ranch and blue cheese dressing. The menu mentions this dish as wings, chicken wings, or hot wings. Herein, buffalo means the unique coating or flavour in these chicken wings. Now, many American restaurants offer a healthier option for buffalo wings by baking them. It is undoubtedly a famous food in the USA.

7. Hot Dog | The national dish of the USA

It is a snack where the steamed or grilled sausage is wrapped in a bun and topped up with ketchup and mustard dip. Various other garnishes, like onions, jalapenos, olives, bacon, etc., are offered. Though this dish became part of American cuisine, its roots stayed in Germany. It is the staple dish in that country. Many German immigrants came to New York in the late 1800s and started selling hot dogs (without buns) for the first time in the country. People loved this, and the sellers soon improved it with the bun. This dish has become the national dish of USA. You can see hot dog stalls everywhere. So whether you see a soccer game or visit a museum, just grab a hot dog for instant energy and a blast of flavours in your mouth.

8. Meatloaf | Cooked meat for a wholesome meal

You can slice the meatloaf according to your appetite. This simple dish has minced meat with various spices and is baked or smoked in a loaf shape. It is often mixed with bread crumbs, eggs, cheese, or vegetables to retain the meat's moisture. You may also get a garnish of tomato ketchup. Initially, this was a traditional dish in Germany, Belgium, and Scandinavia. Still, the American version is reconstructed from Scrapple, a dish served in Pennsylvania. If you are considering doing lunch in the US, this dish can be the right option, as it has all the nutrients you need in the middle of the day.

9. Grits | Porridge for a healthy start

The word 'grits' means coarse meal in old English. It is a type of porridge prepared with boiled cornmeal. This porridge is the most popular food in the USA (especially in coastal communities). You may see many Americans consuming it as a breakfast or dinner starter. People eat it with other ingredients, including eggs, bacon, fish, and country ham. Moreover, you can try it in various flavours, including savoury and sweet.

10. Barbecue Ribs | Spicy ribs for a delicious surprise