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9 Upcoming Festivals In January

9 Upcoming Festivals In January 2024 In India

India is a beautiful country blessed with amazing attractions, topographical diversity, cultural heritage, historical legacy and more. As the old year paves the way for the new one, the exuberance of Indians witnesses a new high with exciting festivals and celebrations that gives unforgettable experiences. Festivals in January are religious and seasonal or harvest-based. One common thing is how every festival is celebrated, painting a beautiful picture of India’s cultural heritage and traditions. Step into the new year and get ready to participate in enthusiastic celebrations.

Here, we bring you a well-curated list of major and not-so-major festivals in January 2024 that will set the tone for the year.

List of Upcoming Festivals in January 2024

Festivals and fairs of a region are the windows to the rich culture, heritage, history, and art. These joyous and vibrant days take you to the erstwhile times and give you a chance to celebrate your roots. As the new year is all set to begin, we bring you the list of festivals in January 2024 that you must know about, participate in, and escape the humdrum of life!

  • Bikaner Festival: A Festival For the Ship of the Desert
  • Lohri: Dance, Music, Food & Bonfires
  • Makar Sankranti: Symbolises the End of the Winter Season
  • International Kite Festival: Soak in the Beauty of Vibrantly Coloured Kites
  • Joydev Kenduli Mela: A Three-day Festival in Birbhum
  • Pongal: A Prominent Festival of Tamil Nadu
  • Bhogali Bihu: A Prominent Assamese Festival
  • Modhera Dance Festival: Showcases the Glory and Splendour of the Solanki Empire
  • Republic Day: Commemorating the Enactments of the Indian Constitution

1. Bikaner Festival: A Festival For the Ship of the Desert

Date  - (12th January 2024)

Camels, or the ship of the desert, have always been integral to this part of Rajasthan. Camels, majestic in beauty, are also known for their amazing strength. The Department of Tourism, Rajasthan Government, started with the Bikaner Festival or the Camel Festival to highlight the unique relationship between this gentle animal and the region. A lot of celebrations mark this two-day-long festival.

2. Lohri | Dance, Music, Food & Bonfires

Date - (13 January 2024)

A glorious festival celebrated all across the country amid much fanfare and gusto, Lohri is celebrated to mark good harvest and observe winter solstice. Although it is one of the major festivals of Punjab, it is celebrated all over the country with the same enthusiasm and excitement. Two traditional foods, ‘til’ or sesame seeds and ‘gur’ or jaggery, are offered at the bonfire and enjoyed as Prashad.

3. Makar Sankranti | Symbolises the End of the Winter Season

 Date - (14 January 2024)

Also referred to as Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. Makar Sankranti originates in agrarian communities and is a prominent harvest festival. This day is considered very auspicious because it marks the transition of the Sun into cancer, the zodiac sign. With this day, the sunny days begin, and foggy days comes to an end. In many parts of the country, people enjoy this day with kite flying, enjoying til ke laddu, gajak, chikki, etc.

4. International Kite Festival | Soak in the Beauty of Vibrantly Coloured Kites

Date - (14 January 2024)

One of the major addition to this January  festival  2024 list is International Kites Festival, celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm in Jaipur. This festival coincides with Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti, celebrated on 14th January. It is one of the most-awaited festivals in Pink City and a huge crowd-puller. Kite fliers worldwide descend on this city and show their skills in flying kites by competing in various kite-flying competitions. The stunning display of differently-shaped and coloured kites in gorgeously blue skies is a sight that will remain with you forever.

5. Joydev Kenduli Mela | A Three-day Festival in Birbhum

Date - (14 January 2024)

Also called the Kenduli Fair, the Joydev Kenduli Mela is organised in Birbhum, West Bengal. This festival holds a special significance as it is the best time to encounter Bouls, the wandering group of mystic minstrels travelling across the region playing music with an ektara and singing devotional songs. The fair begins on the last day of Paush as per the Bengali calendar and continues into the month of Magh. The fair takes its name from Joydev Kenduli, the famous poet. At present, the fair is centred on the Radhavinod temple.

6. Pongal | A Prominent Festival of Tamil Nadu

Date - (15 January 2024)

One of the prominent festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu with great enthusiasm, excitement, and fun, Pongal is more than a simple harvest festival. It is an Indianised version of Thanksgiving. On this day, special Pongal dishes of rice and milk are cooked and served, beautiful kolam or rangolis are made, and families get together and have loads of fun. The festive vibes during this festival stay with you forever!

7. Bhogali Bihu | A Prominent Assamese Festival

Date - (15 January 2024)

As the New Year begins, the state of Assam takes on its unique festive vibe. This time is closely associated with merriment, festivity, and amazing joy. Bihu time has arrived. There are three types of Bihu festivals, and one of them is Bhogali Bihu, celebrated in the month of January. The festival is celebrated with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Bihu geet seems to reverberate in the air. People across all religions, castes, creeds, or faith celebrate this festival.

8. Modhera Dance Festival | Showcases the Glory and Splendour of the Solanki Empire