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Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur

Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur: The Mysterious Story of a Bike-Turned-God

Have you ever considered visiting a temple for a vacation? If not, then this will surely make you mull over the idea. There are various marvellous Best Holiday destinations in India, and one of the most beautiful from the lot is Rajasthan tourism. The place is loaded with beautiful travel destinations, locations, lakes, scenic beauty, deserts, colours, and temples. Out of all these, there exists a unique temple, which is one of the most trending destinations in India - The Bullet Baba Temple.

India is undoubtedly a place that has welcomed travellers with open arms and love. Atithi Devo Bhava that translates to a ‘Guest is God’, is the motto of India Tourism. This is reflected in every state and culture of India. No matter which state or city you visit, you are definitely going to be surprised by the rich heritage and hospitality of the people. The food is lip-smacking, and the places are breath-taking. And the most beautiful part is when you select to go on a road trip, the picturesque locations just take your breath away, especially in Rajasthan, a place which is all about colours and festivities.

Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur

Bullet Baba Temple in Jodhpur

The Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur is one of those travel destinations that is going to leave you speechless. It is also known as the Om Banna temple and is located in the Pali district of Rajasthan. The devotees visit here to pray to the most unbelievable shrine, which is a 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet RNJ 7773. Yes, you read it right, the devotees of the Bullet Baba pray to a motorcycle and there is a beautiful and real story linked to it.

Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur History

Bullet Baba's Bike

A person named Om Banna was travelling on his bike from the town of Bangdi, near Sanderao of Pali, to Chotila, on December 2, 1991. During his travel, he lost his balance at a place, and his bike got rammed into a tree, as a result of which he eventually died. The police visited the accident spot the next morning.

After their official procedure, they took the motorcycle to the police station. But mysteriously, the bike returned to the spot, the next morning. This time police took more caution and locked the biked, de-fueled it, and kept it at the police station. This time also the bike returned to the accident spot. Every attempt of police was in vain as the bike kept returning at the spot, before dawn.

The locals looked at the incident as a miracle. They believed that the spirit of Om Banna is guiding all this. The locals later built a temple around the place for worship. The news spread like fire, and people started to visit the place and worship the motorcycle. It is said that the spirit of Om Banna helps the travellers in distress during their visit to the Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur.

Isn't it interesting? Rajasthan tourism has one of the most trending destinations in India, where people worship the motorcycle. The truth is shrine can be anything, but the place gives positivity and hope to people, which is what matters in the end, isn’t it? Every day thousands of people visit to offer their prayers to the bike and the Late Om Banna. The beauty of the temple and this story are enough to call ours an incredible India.

Plan Your Trip to Bullet Baba Temple With Ease

Bullet in Bullet Baba Temple

You can reach this place through three main modes which are.

By Road. The Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur is located on NH65 between Pali and Jodhpur. The distance from Pali is 22km and 53km from Jodhpur.

By Rail. If you wish to book a rail ticket, get one booked to Pali. The nearest railway station is located in Pali at 20km distance from Bullet Baba. Once you reach the station you can book a bus or any local conveyance to reach this destination.

By Air. The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport which is 51km away from the temple. So, you will have to deboard and take some sort of public transport to reach your destination.

Places You Must Explore When Visiting Bullet Baba Temple

Bullet Baba Temple in Rajasthan

Apart from visiting this popular Jodhpur temple, you can also visit a lot of other places nearby like - Jawai Dam, Adinath temple, Nimbo Ka Nath, Somnath Mandir, Bangur Museum, Muchhal Mahavir Temple, and others.

Also, you can visit Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Toorji Ka Jhalra, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Mandore Garden, and a lot more places in Jodhpur.

So, plan a trip of 7-10 days to explore the beautiful cities of Jodhpur and Pali with the uniquely amazing temple of Om Banna.

Easy Trip Planning to Rajasthan

Sacred Strings

Every country has its own travel destinations for tourists, and India is home to many such places. Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur is undeniably one such location that is heard less of but deserves to be in the bucket list of travellers. The places to visit in Rajasthan are infinite, and with the online route planner, planning a trip is easy and fun. 

Explore the land of the Royals, Rajas, and Maharajas - the state of Rajasthan, which is the land of deserts and palaces. With the beautiful monuments, palaces, lakes, colours, and scenic beauty, the state is just perfect to spend a holiday. The luxurious hotels and mouth-watering food are a bonus for your trip. 

So, with limitless and never-ending trending destinations in India, Adotrip is at your service for all your travel-related queries and for those flawless itineraries. All you have to do is enter your starting point, destinations, as well as dates, and you are good to go. Happy travelling! 

--- Published By  Shalini Singh

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