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Discover Everything About Bikaner Camel Festival In Rajasthan That Is A Sight To Behold

Bikaner is a royal city of Rajasthan that lies in the Thar Desert. The atmosphere of this beautiful city is filled with art, colour, and festivity. Desert safari and sand dunes are among the major attractions in Bikaner that lure tourists from across the globe. The old-world charm, luxurious Havelis, and arts and crafts make Bikaner one of India's best holiday places. The city hosts a lively and colourful Camel festival every year, a famous attraction of Rajasthan tourism. It is organized by the Department of Tourism, Art, and Culture in January in honour of the camel, which is also called the ship of the desert.

Dates of Bikaner Camel Festival 2021

In 2021, the Camel Festival will be observed on 12th and 13th January.

History of Bikaner Camel Festival

Bikaner Camel Festival in Rajasthan is dedicated to the resilient animal that survives in the severe desert conditions. In earlier times, when there were no automobiles, people in Rajasthan used camels as a source of transport and livelihood. Bikaner was the only camel breeding region of India during earlier times. It is not just a trade festival but also an event when locals pay tribute to and celebrate camels. The government officially arranges this iconic festival to promote Rajasthan tourism and give tourists a sneak peek into its culture and heritage. The camels here are even enrolled in the army and have served in the world wars and India-Pakistan wars. The Indian army still maintains a regiment where camels are serviced in the Border Security Force.

How is the Bikaner Camel Festival celebrated?

Bikaner Camel Festival in India is a two-day celebration that starts with a colourful parade of beautifully decorated camels. The event takes place against the regal background of Junagarh Fort. The camels are dressed in bridles, necklaces, and anklets. Many competitions take place like best-decorated camel, camel milking, camel races, camel acrobatics, best breed competition, and camel beauty pageants. Along with the camel trading and breeding selection, locals put up cultural activities like Rajasthani folk dance performances and music performances. The exciting fire dance performance adds an appeal to the festivities. A group of people dance around the fire and take turns to walk over the embers. The puppet show is a highlight of the Bikaner Camel Festival where colourful attired puppet dolls narrate local folklores. Apart from the cultural performances, the colourful fireworks display illuminates the night desert sky in Bikaner.

Adventure activities to try in the Bikaner Camel Festival 

The Bikaner Camel Festival is one of the most popular and colourful festivals in India. Here’s a list of activities to try in the festival and experience the true essence of Rajasthan:

1. Participate in camel trading

Thousands of camels participate in this annual festival. If you own camels or like to own them, you can participate in camel trading at this festival.

2. Enjoy folk dance and music performances

Not just enjoy, but you can also participate in cultural dance and music performances and learn from the experts.

3. Shop until you drop!