Twinkle R Vashisht | In Conversation with Kundali Bhagya Actress

Tete-a-Tete with Kundali Bhagya Actress, Twinkle R Vashisht

Life is either mundane or a journey to unknown paths, says Kundali Bhagya Actress - Twinkle R Vashisht in an exclusive interview with From her favourite places around the globe to her cherished childhood moments, she has revealed oodles of info for all her fans.

So hold on your horses and roll down your eyes because we are here with a sneak peek into Twinkle R Vashisht lifestyle and her extraordinary journeys to distant lands. Scroll down for an intriguing chat below!

: What is travelling for you?

Travelling for me is to experience the unknown. Those butterflies that we get while travelling to a new destination we have no clue about or revisiting the same place and discovering new aspects of it with a fresh perspective really excites me. The feeling of getting immersed in new adventures and getting a chance to meet new people is like a rediscovery of self.

When we travel, we tend to do things we never thought we would do in our normal routine. Be it scuba diving, parasailing, jumping off a cliff or anything, travel opens new horizons.

: Things you always carry in your bag while travelling.

A pocket perfume, sanitizer, my make-up and phone. Totally indispensable!

: What is your most fun childhood travel memory?

There are many but if I had to choose one it would be my first trip to Goa with my parents. It was a beautiful experience for me altogether. I had no idea about the coastal region until I stepped into the marshy seaside and spectacular promenades dotted with palm trees.

Sitting by the beach, digging my fork in delectable seafood, attending vibrant carnivals, I have a vivid picture of Goa rolling in my mind. It was amazing and I have some really fond memories from this childhood trip.

: Name an actor with whom you would like to travel. Why?

I haven't really pictured anybody with whom I see myself travelling with. However, if given a chance I would prefer to travel with Vidyut Jamwal because he seems like a very outdoorsy person. He practices martial arts, he's fit, he has travelled so much, he hikes. So if I travel with him, I'm sure I would not put on any vacation weight.

: Who's your favourite travel buddy?

As of now, I really don't have 'a favourite travel buddy' as such because I usually travel with my parents and a couple of friends. But I vibe well with people who are into travelling and stuff.

: What's your dream destination in India?

I think I have pretty much covered all the places and I would still love to travel to the southern part of the country a tad bit more. Even though I have had my fair share of experiences there because I have been to Kerala and all these places, I still feel somehow there's more to it and I would like to discover that someday for sure.

: One unique travel experience that moved your heart.

One unique travel experience that moved my heart was when I travelled to Rajasthan . On our way to the hotel, we passed by a street that was lined up with vendors and locals dressed in traditional attires.

There was a musician's family playing a local instrument, I really don't know the name of the instrument but it definitely grabbed my attention. I stopped by to hear his music because I was quite intrigued. The family also ran a food stall and offered me to try their traditional cuisine. The lady who was preparing the meal was caring as my mum and she made sure I was stuffed enough before I left.

Rajasthan is all about soulful music, heartwarming hospitality, grandeur which can make anyone overwhelmed with joyful emotions.

: Which place in India you won't mind being stranded at?

Goa. I want to buy a property there sometime soon as it is one place where my soul finds ultimate peace.

: According to you, which is one unique festival of India that is a must-see?

For me, it's Navratri and Garba. Hailing from Gujarat , my love for it is obvious. In the night, when the girls are all dressed up and step out of their homes to play garba on Gujarati folk songs until morning with their friends; it's magical! it's more of a fun time with family and friends. I really look forward to it.

: If you have to go on a girl's trip, which place in India would you choose?

Alibaug or Goa of course! Girl's trip is definitely Goa, there is no other place where I can let my hair down and be my crazy self.

: What's your biggest fear when it comes to travelling?

My body sometimes does not really adapt to the changes in food and diet. Surroundings are still manageable but I am always concerned about food because I have faced severe food poisoning which almost landed me in the hospital.

I know it's fun to try food at stalls, dhaba or local restaurants but it always scares me somehow. I dread eating out because it's a total disaster to fall sick while travelling.

: What's the weirdest food you've ever tried on your trip?

The weirdest food I've ever eaten is Squid. It's not weird per se but since I tried it for the first time, the taste was not upto my palette.

: Have you ever hitchhiked? How was the experience?

Oh My God! Never ever.

: What's the wildest thing you've ever done whilst travelling?

Shhh! I shouldn't be saying this but once I became this dauntless version of myself on a trip to Mussoorie . I went with my cronies and they planned something that I didn't like. In the meantime, a group of foreigners stepped in to click pictures and I vibed well with them. They offered me to join them in their open jeep to look around the place. I don't know how I got the courage of hanging out with them but it was fun. My first and last wildest act ever!

: What is one travel habit that you want to change?

Being addicted to one place. Recently I went to Goa and ever since I returned, I've been ranting that it wasn't enough for me. I think I need to stop obsessing over the place so much because there is a lot more to see. I must get over it and move to the next place.

: What will you drop if your baggage exceeds?

That's a difficult one because I really cannot part with my possessions that easily. I would rather buy an extra bag, stuff it up and pay the baggage fee to the airlines

: What's your travel fashion statement?

I make sure to dress according to the place I am heading to. I try to be as comfortable, easy breezy, chilled out and casual. I think we can ace a chic airport look with loose comfy clothes and some nice, easy-to-handle accessories. Travelling is all about comfort. PERIOD

: Andaman, Rajasthan or Kashmir, where would you like to go? Why?

I haven't been to Andaman yet but it's on my wishlist. This reminds me that I should have rather added Lakshadweep to my dream location. I haven't been to Laksadweep as well. There's a lot of buzz about its gorgeous landscape and when I googled its pictures, it seemed to be surreal and sublime. Even if it's not an option here, I would still like to keep both Andaman and Lakshadweep as my preferable destinations for my next trip.

Model, anchor, actress and traveller, Twinkle R Vashist is a multifaceted personality who wears many feathers in her hat. The famous TV actress participated in many beauty pageants and came into limelight with her impressive performance as Kritika Luthra in popular daily soap - Kundali Bhagya.

Unlike her 'Sanskari On-screen Image', Kundali Bhagya actress is a true fashionista at heart and a big time fitness enthusiast. She loves to travel around the world to gather unique experiences. She keeps sharing her travel anecdotes, beauty tips, fitness goals, fashion statements and this heartwarming interview is just about that. Hope you are inspired to live your dream life on your own terms like Twinkle does!

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