Say What! Shefali Bagga Reveals Names of Bigg Boss 13 Contestants She Would go on a World Tour With

Walt Disney once rightly said that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. And, that is exactly what the then-news anchor and now a celebrity, Shefali Bagga has done. The diva saw a dream and turned it into a reality for her effortlessly.

While some of you saw her on TV as a news anchor, showing a mirror to the society, others saw her making waves in the Bigg Boss house. She undeniably proved to be a one-man army in the 13th installment in Bigg Boss and garnered much attention and fans with her honesty, style, voice and that svelte figure.

In a recent conversation with Shefali, we got to know that she is a wanderer by heart and loves to travel every now and then. Check out excerpts from our exclusive chat.

: You are a celebrity now, before this also you were a popular face, a news anchor, so how different your travelling is from then to now?

Traveling has always been very close to my heart. I am more of a road trip person but, now after Big Boss, it’s very difficult because I am continuously travelling for work, unlike previously when I used to travel to chill with friends.

Also, post the show, I have been travelling to nearby places only due to lack of time. Like, I recently went to this place called Westin, Sohna and I also went to Aerocity. So now it is out of comfort that I am taking time out to go to resorts and chill.

I went to Ujjain a while ago for an event, so there, I went to Mahakal Mandir too and I felt really good when people appreciated me, my work as well as my personality.

So, travelling in that case has changed but I used to travel with my friends earlier a lot and we used to chill that is the difference now as we are not getting much time to travel together.

Your Instagram says a lot about how you like travelling in style. What is more important to you while you are on a vacation? Comfort Wear or vacationing in style?

My style is comfort wear only. I usually wear formals, blazers, shorts as wearing a blazer is comfortable yet chic. There is not much skin showing and you are comfortably cool. That is my style mantra while I am traveling.

: As a child tell us one vacation destination that you enjoyed the most and the most unforgettable memory of it.

There are 2 actually. One was on the beach and one was in the mountains. The former one was in Goa where I went with my parents for the first time. I was very scared of the waves so my father used to take me near it and as soon as they came to me, I used to run towards the shore. It is a very funny memory that still makes me smile.

The second one is when I went to Kashmir - Sonmarg and Gulmarg. We stayed in a houseboat so that was a very beautiful memory. Another special thing about the place was the Dal Lake and also the Nageen Lake which was adjacent to it.

So when the sun used to rise there, it made the entire landscape look golden. So imagine sun rays falling on the snow clad mountains and we living on the houseboat in the middle of Dal lake. That beauty definitely cannot be put in words.

: Your social media handles suggest that you also like solo travelling. What is it that fascinates you the most about it?

I have mostly gone on Solo travelling because of work. You gain confidence as you get to meet new people and know what they are doing in life and explore many options. Apart from that, it also teaches you a lot about life and ‘you’ in general.

: So Big Boss 13 has been a turning point in your career. Would you call it your Nothing is Far moment?

Yes, I will definitely call it my Nothing is Far moment because I never thought of going to BB, even in my dreams. I was very focused on my career as a journalist and all of a sudden I got a call and they liked me so much that they called me there.

But, nonetheless, I have always believed in the law of attraction. When I got a call, I had that strong feeling that I will definitely go inside the house.

I eat out but then I exercise at home. I drink a lot of warm water and I never skip my workout.

: So many people are opting for adventure sports. Can you give some tips before they get started?

I have not done much of adventure sports but I recently went river rafting in Rishikesh. There is a beautiful resort called Kikar Lodge in Ropar where they have a huge area for quad biking.

So I have done that kind of adventure sports and it was very amazing. In fact, you would be surprised to know that even my male friends couldn’t ride that bike and I did it in one go. It was completely an off road track and I enjoyed it a lot.

Moving to the tips now, I think one should not eat or drink too much ahead of doing any kind adventure sports because obviously when you are moving, you will feel pukish.

I have done zip lining too in Dhanulti and that one, again, is an amazing adventure sport. There you should eat less and balance it out as that is the key in adventure sports and in life as well.

: We have heard you love trekking also. Share with our audience your last experience.

I went to Triund for trekking a while ago which was for beginners. You cross McLeod Ganj to reach this trek and from there the journey starts and when you reach the top there are 20 camps which are really clean and the weather on the top is also amazing. You feel so at peace there in the lap of nature. There is no network also so you can unwind and relax and you can go solo also if you like meeting new people.

Apart from this, Bali is also an amazing place for trekking. There is this place called Mount Batur which is still an active volcano. That was also a phenomenal experience. You go on the top and you see the volcano and the remains of it and it looks very beautiful so, this is also one trek that we enjoyed a lot.

: Since you have been to Bali and you have travelled a lot in India as well, any food or dish that you loved the most?

I don’t know about loving but there was this thing in Bali that I hated to the core and that was Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng, 2 types of meat. Although I eat only vegetarian food when I go out, I tried these two and they were so bad, pathetic, to be honest. They also sounded like cuss words to us. So, we were actually abusing each other saying, ‘Mei Goreng kahi ka’.

When it comes to the best dish that I have eaten then it has to be dal bukhara by ITC Mughal in Agra. It is my favourite!

: How do you ensure fitness while traveling

I try and avoid all the junk but then while traveling you are left with not many choices so I balance it out. I eat out and then exercise at home. I drink a lot of warm water and I never skip my workout. Be it quick 15 minutes yoga or jumping exercises, I make sure that I am involved in some kind of workout every day even when I am out.

: Your to-go places in Delhi that you swear by

Aerocity is my number one, as you can stay there too after a party. Then there is Club Playboy in Chanakyapuri. Another place that I like going to is Nik’s Bakers in Punjabi Bagh. They have really good food.

: How important do you find airport fashion to be since it is a thing now as all the celebs ensure they look their best at the airport

So, when you are travelling and you have a long flight then you need to wear comfortable clothes but when you are travelling in India only then you can wear anything that suits your style or the next destination. That is how I plan my outfits. My airport look is according to my next destination and obviously it has to be comfortable.

A quick rapid fire now!

: Your favourite Bollywood travel song?

I like to listen to old Bollywood songs.

: As an anchor, three places in India you travelled that touched you the most

Mumbai, MP, Rajasthan

: 5 Travel Essentials

  • Medicines
  • Cool sunglasses
  • Sanitizer
  • Perfume
  • Sunblock

: A destination you are longing to travel to

Vatican City

: What would you choose - Bigg Boss house or a world tour

I would definitely choose world tour because I have already seen the BB house so the latter

: While travelling you follow local people or map?

I prefer maps


: If you are asked to dress up as a popular celebrity on a vacation, would you do that? And who would you replicate?

I love to dress up like Kareena Kapoor Khan. She looks the best on her vacations. Although she is not on social media, the paps or her family and friends keep sharing her pictures on social media. In fact, I love Malaika’s travel fashion too.

: From BB 13 if you are given a chance to take 3 people with you on a luxurious trip who would they be

Shehnaz, Vikas Gupta and Sidharth Day

: If travel superpowers can be granted to you what would you choose?

Would go to the White House and the moon in the blink of an eye

: - If someday you get an opportunity to represent India on a global platform how would you describe it

I would give people the same speech that Akshay Kumar gave in Namaste London. But, before that, I will thoroughly memorize it.

: - If you could save only one thing from sinking from a vacation package, makeup kit, phone or branded wardrobe, what would you save and why?

Oh my god, my phone! I can’t afford to stay away from my phone. I already spent 2 months away from my phone when I was inside the Bigg Boss house. Now I can’t be without it because I love my phone and all my work is related to my phone.

While this fun interview told us a lot about Shefali’s personal favourites in terms of food and travelling, we definitely got to know a totally different and bubblier Shefali than what we saw in Bigg Boss.

Did you like reading our intriguing conversation with the diva? Share with us your views in the comments section below!


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