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Establishing war memorials are important to pay respectful homage to the martyrs who had fought to save the country. One of the commemorations is the War Memorial of Dharamshala. With all due love and respect, the warriors of 1947-48, 1962, 1965, and 1971 have got a place in the magnificent pine forest of Dharamshala. The unique thing about the memorial is that the name of all the martyrs is displayed naturally surrounded by trees and gardens.

We would take pride in endorsing the war memorials and we urge you to visit to pay homage to Himachali martyrs. In addition, if you also want to explore the weather of the Himachal, then plan a trip for the months of November and December.

The entry charges for the War Memorial are just INR 10 per person. For parking, you will need to shell out INR 20.

History of War Memorial Dharamshala

The primary motive of this war memorial is to commemorate the memory of the soldiers who fought for saving our motherland. During the Indo-China War and in UN Peace Operations. It is in their memory that three huge panels of black stone of 24 feet in height have been carved out.

Surrounded by the pine forests, the enchanting picturesque views of the region are simply mind-blowing. Apart from that, you can also take in some refreshments from the nearby cafes that serve delicious snacks.

Major Attractions in and Around War Memorial Dharamshala

1. Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

This cricket stadium is situated amid the Herculean Himalayan mountain ranges. This place is located at a height of about 1,457 meters above sea level. We agree that too many, the concept of a cricket stadium built at such a height may seem a little out of place, however, the fascinating beauty of nature makes all your doubts go away.

2. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

With lots of artifacts and possession of manuscripts, this library is no less than a heaven for those who want to enhance their intellect. According to data, it is believed that the library holds about 80,000 manuscripts along with 600 Buddhist artifacts. Some of them are as old as the 12th century.

3. St. John Church

It is believed that this church was built in 1852. And till today, it is considered to be one of the most important churches in Himachal Pradesh. The church is located near Dharamshala and is majorly built in dedication to St. John the Baptist.

How to Reach War Memorial Dharamshala

By Air

The nearest airport is Kangra Airport in Gaggal, Himachal Pradesh. After deboarding at the airport, you will have to cover the remaining distance by a cab or some other means of transportation.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to War Memorial Dharamshala. After reaching Pathankot, you can take the bus to reach Dharamshala.

By Road

Depending upon your location, you can also plan to visit Dharamshala via the road network. For this, you can take your own vehicle, bus, or cab.

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