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Technological advancements have confined us within the four walls and exhausted us while lacking engagement with the natural world. The act of venturing outdoors and immersing ourselves in the captivating splendour of nature is often undervalued. Frequently, taking trips into nature and participating in exciting activities can provide a revitalising escape from the routine of modern-day living while offering a chance to recharge and rejuvenate oneself. Surajgarh Farms is one fabulous location that offers a unique and memorable experience.

Surajgarh Farms is a unique and popular tourist destination located in the city of Gurugram, India. The sprawling farm offers a variety of activities, such as horseback riding, farming, pottery, archery, zip-lining, and much more. Visitors can indulge in farm-fresh food, take a dip in the pool, or simply relax amidst the picturesque surroundings. Surajgarh Farms provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in a serene and rejuvenating experience.

Surajgarh Farms is surrounded by pristine nature. The farm features a lush landscape brimming with various trees, plants, and flowers, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere for guests. The farm has a beautiful waterfall and natural pond, adding to the already stunning scenery. The peaceful atmosphere is enhanced by the chirping of birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees. Nature's tranquil and restorative power makes it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating getaway with your family, friends, or colleagues, providing a perfect opportunity to have a great time together.

Everything You Should  Know About Surajgarh Farms

Being cognizant of a destination's attributes before visiting can prove propitious, as it assists in making appropriate arrangements and preparations accordingly. Let's take a quick look at the details and specifics of Surajgarh Farms.

Timings of Surajgarh Farms Gurugram

The Farm is open throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday, and the operational Surajgarh Farms timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Ticket Price

Surajgarh Farms ticket price includes access to all activities and a buffet of three meals. a buffet of three meals

Family: Rs. 1250 per person

Child: Free Entry for height below 2’6”

                    Rs. 800 per child for height between 2’6” - 4.”  

                    The standard rate for height above 4.”

Contact +917900012000 for bulk or corporate booking. 

How To Reach Surajgarh Farms 

Surajgarh Farms is situated in Sector 59, Gurgaon, on the Golf Course Extension Road. The distance between Gurgaon city centre and Surajgarh Farms is approximately 17 km, which takes around 40 minutes. On the other hand, the distance from Delhi to Surajgarh Farms is 50 km, and it takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach there. In addition, you can get here by using any of the following forms of transportation:

  • Metro: If you wish to reach Surajgarh Farms by metro, the nearest metro station is Sector 55-56 Metro Station (Rapid Metro Station), which is around 5.2 km away from the farm. You can take a rickshaw or book a cab to reach the farm from there.
  • Bus: The nearest bus stop to the farm is Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam, which is approximately 5 km away.
  • Cab or Pvt Vehicle:: You can also reach the farm by booking Ola/uber cab or driving your vehicle as per your comfort.

Surajgarh Farms provides ample free parking space for visitors. You can park your vehicle without any charge and enjoy your visit to the farm.

Night Accommodations

Surajgarh Farms offers a range of comfortable and spacious room accommodations that are designed to provide guests with a homely feel amidst the natural surroundings of rural India. The rooms are well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, comfortable bedding, and attached bathrooms with hot and cold water supplies. Additionally, guests can choose from different room categories that cater to different budgets and preferences, such as Deluxe Rooms, Super Deluxe Rooms, and Suites. The cost per night can range between Rs.800 to Rs.1400, which is relatively reasonable and affordable, given the comfortable accommodations and extensive range of activities offered at the farm.

Things To Do at Surajgarh Farms

Surajgarh Farms in Gurgaon could be the perfect destination for a small and peaceful picnic spot near Delhi NCR to unwind from work stress and a hectic lifestyle. There are a variety of activities that you can enjoy with your family and kids at Surajgarh Farms, some of which are listed below:

Traditional Welcome

 At Surajgarh Farms, guests are welcomed in a traditional way that includes the  following:

  • Traditional Teeka: Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a traditional Teeka, a mark made on the forehead using sandalwood paste. It is considered an auspicious symbol and a sign of welcome in Indian Culture.
  • Kachhi Ghodi Dance: Guests are also welcomed with a lively Kachhi Ghodi dance performance, a traditional folk dance from Rajasthan. The performers wear colourful costumes and dance to the beat of dhol and other musical instruments.
  • Welcome Drink: To beat the heat and refresh yourself, a welcome drink is also served to guests upon arrival. This drink is typically made with natural ingredients like mint, lemon, and jaggery.

These traditional welcome rituals add to the overall experience of visiting Surajgarh  Farms and provide a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of India.

Sports and Adventure

Surajgarh Farms, located in Gurgaon, offers visitors various sports and adventure activities. You can enjoy rope climbing, kayaking, horse and bullock cart rides, archery, swimming, mud baths, and much more.

Fun Zones

Showcasing a glimpse into the rural lifestyle of India, Surajgarh Farms is divided into seven different zones that offer a unique experience to visitors. Below are the details for each zone:

  • Padharo Mhare Desh:  Tempo Ride, Bullet Ride, Scooter ride
  • Manoranjan:  Puppet Show, Duck Pond, Zoo Area, Traditional Music Shows, e.g.,  Kalbelia Dance, Bhavai Dance, Bhopa Lok Geet, Ghoomar Dance.
  • Monsoon Mania: Tube Well Bath Rain Dance, Swimming Pool
  • Utsav Mela: Archery, Basketball, Carrom Board, Mehendi, Champi, Parrot Tarot Card, Chakki, Kumbhkari
  • JungleSafari: Tractor Ride, Camel Ride, Bullock Cart Ride 
  • Kisme Kitna hai Dum: Tug of War, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Commando Crawl, Tarzan Swing, Rope Climbing, Wall Climbing, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Cat Walk, Double Rope Bridge, Monkey Crawl, Rope Ladder, Hopscotch
  • Mera Bachpan: Gulel, Ludo, Chess, Dart Game

Traditional Indian Acts

Surajgarh Farms is a culture-driven destination that offers a unique blend of Haryanvi and Rajasthani cultures. Some activities showcasing these cultures' rich traditional dance and music are puppet shows, Kalbelia Dance, Kachchhi Ghodi, Ghoomar Dance, Bhavai Dance, Cherry Dance, Bhopa Lok Geet, Magic Show, and much more.


Surajgarh Farms offers a variety of food options to its visitors. They serve organic food made from fresh produce grown on their farm and also offer a unique dining experience in a rustic setting where you can enjoy your meal in the open air amidst nature. The menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, such as salads, soups, snacks, main course meals, desserts, and beverages. Some popular dishes served at Surajgarh Farms are Welcome makki ki roti with sarson ka saag, baingan ka bharta, paneer tikka, chicken tikka, and kheer. In addition to the main course meals, visitors can indulge in popular snacks like Bhel Puri and Golgappa and desserts such as Phirni and Halwa, which adds to the overall village life experience.

Contact Details

Whether you're looking to spend a day or a weekend, Surajgarh Farms promises to be a memorable experience you'll cherish for a long time. Head to Adotrip to plan your trip to Surajgarh Farms and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Surajgarh Farm

Q.1 What is Surajgarh Farms, and what activities can be done there?
A.1 Surajgarh Farms is an agrotourism destination that allows visitors to experience Haryana and Rajasthan's rich rural culture and traditions. Visitors to Surajgarh Farms can engage in various activities, including bullock cart rides, farming activities, pottery making, camel rides, animal feeding and care, and much more.

Q.2 Where is Surajgarh Farms located?
A.2 Surajgarh Farms is located in Gurugram, Haryana, approximately 60 kilometres from the national capital, New Delhi. The farm is easily accessible by road and is a popular day-trip destination for people living in Delhi and the surrounding areas.

Q.3 What is the history behind Surajgarh Farms?
A.3 Surajgarh Farms is a relatively new agrotourism destination in India and was established in the early 2000s. The idea of this farm was initiated and designed by Mr Arun Dagar, who wanted to create a space that showcased the rich rural culture and traditions of Haryana and Rajasthan. The farm was initially a small-scale project with just a few acres of land. However, over time, it has become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over India and worldwide.

Q.4 What type of accommodation is available at Surajgarh Farms?
A.4 The types of accommodation available at Surajgarh Farms include Mud Huts, Swiss Tents and Deluxe Rooms. All the rooms have basic amenities like 24-hour power backup, Wi-Fi, and room service. 

Q.5 Can you describe the natural surroundings and environment at Surajgarh Farms?
A.5 Surajgarh Farms is set amidst the picturesque rural landscape of Haryana and Rajasthan. The natural surroundings and environment at Surajgarh Farms are serene and peaceful, with plenty of greenery and open spaces.

Q.6 Are there any farm-to-table dining options available at Surajgarh Farms?
A.6 Yes, Surajgarh Farms offers its guests farm-to-table dining options, providing them with an authentic taste of rural Indian cuisine. The farm grows its vegetables and fruits, and the food served at Surajgarh Farms uses fresh, organic produce. The menu at Surajgarh Farms includes a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, including regional specialities from Haryana and Rajasthan.

Q.7 What is the best time to visit Surajgarh Farms?
A.7 The best time to visit Surajgarh Farms is in October and March. During these months, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, making it the ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the rural surroundings.

Q.8 Are there any seasonal activities available at Surajgarh Farms?
A.8 Yes, Surajgarh Farms offers a range of seasonal activities throughout the year, providing visitors with unique and memorable experiences. During the winter (October to March), visitors can participate in activities like bullock cart rides, tractor rides, and camel rides. During the summer or monsoon season (April to September), Surajgarh Farms offers activities like swimming, indoor games, rain dance and village walks.

Q.9 Can you recommend any nearby tourist destinations to visit in combination with Surajgarh Farms?
A.9 Several nearby tourist destinations can be visited in combination with Surajgarh Farms. Some of them are Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar, Sariska Tiger Reserve and Jaipur. 

Q.10 Are there any children-friendly activities available at Surajgarh Farms?
A.10 Surajgarh Farms offers a variety of children-friendly activities that can keep kids engaged and entertained. Some of the popular activities for children at Surajgarh Farms are bullock cart rides, camel rides, pottery, nature walks, and traditional games like gilli danda, marbles, and pitthoo.

Q.11 What are the different types of farm-related activities available at Surajgarh Farms?
A.11 Surajgarh Farms give visitors an authentic experience of rural life in Rajasthan and Haryana. Some of the popular farm-related activities at Surajgarh Farms are milking cows, ploughing fields, sowing seeds, harvesting crops, animal feedings, and rural crafting, such as pottery, weaving, and block printing.

Q.12 What is the average cost of a trip to Surajgarh Farms?
A.12 The cost of a trip to Surajgarh Farms can vary depending on the accommodation type, activities, and amenities you choose. However, the average cost of a one-day trip to Surajgarh Farms ranges from INR 1500 to INR 2000 per person. This includes entry fees, lunch, and participation in various farm-related activities. 

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