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“Old Is Gold” is the phrase that aptly defines this village that is located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Peruru Heritage Village is known across the country for successfully sustaining its authenticity and its old charm even in the fast-paced digital era. Peruru village holds the status of being the only village that has chosen to live with its old heritage and still stay relevant to the outside world. The village is an offbeat destination that attracts domestic and foreign tourists for its old-world charm, and simplicity.     

The Peruru Village is located in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Although the place is known for its hot and humid weather conditions, the beauty of the village won’t let you feel that. But, if such weather really bothers you, you can choose the winter months to visit Peruru village otherwise the village can be explored throughout the year. 

History of Peruru Village  

A large number of Brahmin families and Brahmin Priests migrated to this village after a royal marriage of the children of two kings. One of the kings belonged to the present Andhra Pradesh while the other from Tamil Nadu. After the marriage, a lot of Brahmins settled alongside the Godavari river and influenced the culture of villages that were located around the river and one of them was Peruru village. These Tamil Brahmins are today known as Dravida Brahmins or Dravidulu. 

The mud roads, ancient temples, and simple living will leave you amazed because the common perception is that life is just impossible without modern-day gadgets but here it’s not just possible but it's beautiful as well. Not just that, this village will, undeniably, make you fall in love with its simplicity and serenity.  

The houses and roads of the village are still the same as they were a hundred years ago. The people of the village have not opted for sky-high buildings, modern homes, modular kitchens, that come loaded with the latest amenities and gadgets. Instead, they have opted for green spaces, wide roads, and simple homes. 

Major Attractions in and Around Peruru Heritage Village

1. The Architecture of the Houses

Traditional houses with plain walls, similar roof design, welcoming entrance, and green surroundings are a delight for the eyes and soul. Once, you are at the Peruru Village, you will notice the houses are aligned in the same texture, aesthetics, and color scheme. There is a certain calmness in the atmosphere which is augmented by the harmonious integration of the homes with mother nature.  

2. The Narrow Mud Roads

Another thing that is sure to delight your senses is the red mud roads at Peruru village. The wide mud roads certainly take you to the era of tranquillity. The village neither has the noise nor the site of vehicles, resulting in leaving a calming effect on you and giving you a break from the city life.

How to Reach Peruru Heritage Village

Peruru village is the place to be if you wish to witness the ideal and most authentic village lifestyle in the country. The local people here still depend upon the age-old ways of simple living. The village is well connected via roadways and you may arrive here conveniently via nearby prominent cities. Listed below are some best travel options that you may consider if planning a visit to the village.  

By Air

The nearest city to the village is Rajahmundry which has an airport in Madhurapudi called Rajahmundry airport. It is well-connected to Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Madurai. The airport receives direct and connecting flights from all the metropolitan cities of India, hence booking flights will not be problematic.

By Road

There are well-established roadways heading towards the Peruru Heritage village. One may opt for inter-state tourist buses to reach this village or may plan a really long drive to the village. Driving enthusiasts who are planning to cover this distance by car or road might find this shared piece of information useful. By road, one has to cover approx. 2,000km, 1,000km, 1,700km, and 210km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Mentioned below is the estimate of distance in kilometers along with the best route to take that you may consider if arriving from nearby cities.

  • Ballari - 115 km via Ballari Road 
  • Bengaluru - 207 km via Bangalore Hyderabad Highway 
  • Nellore - 370 km via Mydukur Krishnapatnam Road
  • Chennai - 450 km via NH 48
  • Hyderabad - 420 km via NH 44

By Rail

Kadiridevarapalli train station is the nearest railway station to the Peruru village. After deboarding the train, you may take any local transport such as a taxi or a bus to reach the village which is approximately 30km from the station. Kadiridevarapalli-Tirupati passenger is a popular train in which one may reserve a seat to reach the village from cities like Vellore and Ballari. 

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