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Nestled in the western ghats of Karnataka, this fort is located in Thirthahalli, Shimoga. Whether it’s history buff, tourists or locals, the fort has been less known ad underestimated. The Kavaledurga Fort was originally built in the 9th century and then it was restored by the other successors of the town. While you will give a walk to the fort, you come to know how intelligently the fort was designed and built. The Kavaledurga Fort has an integral part to captivate more tourists in Shimoga town.

The fort is spread over eight kilometres of are. There is a total of seven levels of the gate and each has its significance. The fourth gate consists of several historical elements that signify the strong persuasion of Hindu culture. Entering the fourth gate, you will notice Kashi Vishwanath Temple which is finely carved with the sculptures of armed warriors, sun, moon, birds, elephants, snakes and many other creatures. Another famous temple is Lakshminarayana Temple and Shikareshwara Temple.  

History of Kavaledurga Fort

Kavaledurga was built in the 9th century and was again renovated by Cheluvarangappa in the 14th century. The fort had been a continuous spectator of several strong and dignified rulers of Keladi who were the big names in the feudal era of Vijayanagar Kingdom. In 1763, the fort was captured by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan who also contributed in the beautification of the fort. 

The Kavaledurga place has a significant connect with Hindu Mythology. According to Hindu mythology, this place was known as Parashuram Kshetra who was famous in Krita Yuga(Era). It is also believed that famous Hindu sage named Maharshi Valmiki and Agastya also lived here for a long period. During Dvapara Yuga, Pandavas(Mahabharat) also lived here for a great period. 

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Top Attractions in Kavaledurga Fort

Srikanteshwara Temple. This majestic temple of Kavaledurga Fort is one of the three remaining temples. It is located in the centre of the fort. The temple consists of huge pillars with beautiful carvings. Such a historic gift to us!

Kashi Vishwanath Temple. This holds a significant uniqueness where you will find the doors of the temple are designed in the form of Islamic architecture. such blend shows unity during the the-then era. 

Remains. Once you are in the beautiful Kavaledurga Fort, you will be mesmerized to see some objects that were being used in the era. Such objects are swimming pools, horse stables, five-burner stone stove, pooja room etc.

Activities to Do in Kavaledurga Fort

Photography. Such an amazing fort that is left by our ancestors, capture them and keep it with you forever. You will get to click some amazing picture of Kavaledurga Fort.

Roam around thick greenery. The Kavaledurga Fort has got the amazing spot to be with. Such thick forestry gives an amazing touch to the beauty of gigantic Kavaledurga Fort. once, while you are trekking within the temple, you cannot stop yourself by rolling your eyes.

Best Time to Visit Kavaledurga Fort

While Karnataka is considered to be one of the humid regions of India, you can refer monsoon or winter months to explore the Kavaledurga in Thirthahalli, Shimoga.

How to Reach Kavaledurga Fort

By Air. The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport that majorly serves the Karnataka state and including overseas. The airport is well-served with India’s and world's best airline services.

By Rail. The nearest railway station is Shimoga Town Railway Station. It is a well-established station that is well-linked to neighbour cities of Karnataka. After reaching the station, you can take a bus or cab service to reach Thirthahalli. The road journey may take one hour or some.

Road. The Kavaledurga Fort is located in Shimoga district of Karnataka which is just 11 miles away from the famous Thirthahalli Town of Karnataka. It has got great road connectivity to other nearby regions.

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