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Dumas Beach is located in Gujarat and is popular more for its spooky stories than its scenic beauty. The beach is nearly 20km away from Surat. Located along the Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is known for its black and grey sand that only aids the claims of paranormal activities and adds to the gloomy vibes of the place. Dumas Beach is also in the list of top 30 haunted places in India. 

Why You Should Visit Dumas Beach

If you love to hear and know about spooky and haunted places and their stories, then you cannot afford to skip Dumas beach. As of now, the reports of paranormal activities only look like claims without any substantial evidence. The travellers who have visited this beach can only talk about its beauty and the kind of fun they experienced over there. Travellers who have been to the beach admire the place for being a calm, surreal and enthralling place that will give you a refreshing break from the monotony life. 

History of Dumas Beach

According to the folktales, the ground was used as a burial spot by Hindus many decades ago, and it is the most prominent premise of ghost stories about the place. Many locals believe that the departed souls of people whose remains were cremated here still roam around the beach and that is why people don’t visit there in the evening or night. Stories of witnessing paranormal activities and the disappearance of tourists who visited the beach after the sunset are very common about Dumas Beach.    

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And, while folklores suggest this, studies have something else to say. Experts claim that the high concentration of Iron is the reason behind the black and grey colour of sand at the shore of the beach. But, the colour of the sand, rather than explaining anything else, only strengthens the spooky stories about this place and the grey vibes of it. Besides the haunted stories, there lies a beach that is waiting to be explored and admired for its beauty. Dumas beach has palm trees that add a pop of colour to the place and subtly uplifts the entire ambience. 

Top Attractions in and Around Dumas Beach 

Walk by the Seashore. A walk by the seashore at the dawn or dusk amidst gently and at times wildly flowing waves is just therapeutic to mind, body, and soul. Tourists often visit the beach early in the morning to capture a beautiful sunrise by the seashore.   

Camel and Horse Rides. During the peak of tourist season, the beach is flocked by camel and horse owners who offer camel/horse rides at nominal prices.  

Taste the Local Snacks. The beachside shacks offer great snacking options such as pani puri, bhajia, sweet corn, pav bhaji, Chinese snacks along with hot and cold beverages. Although there are not many options related to food yet whatever little is available is good to make your visit worth remembering.  

Places to Visit in and Around Dumas Beach 

Dariya Ganesha Temple. There lies a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh at Dumas Beach. Tourists and locals often pay a visit to the temple to offer prayers or at times to simply explore the temple and find out interesting facts about it.  

Best time to Visit Dumas Beach 

Any time of the year is great to visit the beach. Tourists who wish to avoid hot and humid climate must avoid visiting there during monsoon time. Months between October to March are great to visit Dumas beach as the weather during this time is quite pleasant. 

How to Reach

By Road. In case you are planning to travel to Dumas Beach by road then you have to cover nearly 1,100, 300, 2,100 and 1,200 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Otherwise, tourists arriving from other cities and states of India may also take the inter-state tourist bus to reach the beach.  

By Rail. The Bhestan train station is the nearest station to reach Dumas. After deboarding the train at the station, one is required to take a cab or a bus to reach Dumas Beach which is nearly 20km away. The station welcomes trains from all the metro cities of India hence booking tickets on trains would not be a problem. 

By Air. Surat International airport is the nearest to Dumas Beach. Tourists are required to travel another 7 km to reach the beach in a taxi or a bus. The airport receives regular direct and connecting flights from across the nation hence one will easily find flights at any time of the year.  

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