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Bangaram Island an island in the Lakshadweep which is one of the seven union territories of India. It is locally known as Bunnagara. The island is popular amongst tourists as a relaxing getaway from city life. Tourists can enjoy spending quality time enjoying roaming on pristine beaches while exploring vibrant coral reefs. Exploring Bangaram Island can be a great opportunity to know various aspects of sea life.

Significance of Bangaram Island

There are only 10 people who reside on the island. The island has a popular resort named The Bangaram Island Beach Resort which was inaugurated in the year 1974. The resort is the reason for the popularity of Bangaram Island. People started enjoying the easy accessibility after Agatti Aerodrome was commissioned. Also, it started witnessing frequent commercial flights from Kochi. The government keeps on organising events & festivals in order to promote tourism in Bangaram Island,

Top Attractions near Bangaram Island  

Agatti Island. It is just a few kilometres away from Bangaram Island. A 7.6 kilometres long island, it is situated at Agatti atoll. It is another treat for tourists to get some soul-rejuvenating time away from fast-paced city life. 

Tinnakara Island. This spectacular island owes a beautiful beach where you can enjoy quality time while walking, taking sunbath, and experiencing adventurous water activities. Also, the nightlife is amazing at the island. 

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Things to do in Bangaram Island

Canoeing. One can explore his/her Canoeing skills while enjoying the slow and easy life at Bangaram Island. Also, the island is a less crowded place, so the one who is willing to learn canoeing skills, it is a great place.

Water skiing. Another adventurous water activity which is super fun to experience. There are several organisations which provide proper guidance for such activities.

Windsurfing. Get the opportunity to talk to air while enjoying the adventurous windsurfing. 

Snorkelling. There is a complete arrangement for snorkelling which can be practised by beginners as well as experts. Bangaram Island authorities plan the whole arrangement. 

Night cruise. While you are exploring Bangaram Island, night cruising is another great idea to enjoy the quality time around the Laccadive Sea.

Scuba Diving. Bangaram Island is popular for its water sports. The mesmerizing blue waters and incredible marine life of the island are perfect for relishing water activities. The real upside is that you won’t be bothered much by other people as it is hardly ever crowded.

Deep Sea Fishing. People who are fish enthusiasts can also find a great deal of joy here. The island waters are home to some of the most beautiful fishes like King Fish and Jack Fish.

Best Time to Visit Bangaram Island

The best time to visit Bangaram Island is between October and March. This is the time when the sea remains calm and the weather is more likely modest and pleasant.  

How to Reach  Bangaram Island

By Air. Agatti Airport is the nearest airport which is 16 kilometres away from Bangaram Island. It will take around 2-4 hours to reach the destination. The airport is well-connected to major cities like Bangalore, Kochi and Chennai.

By Rail. There is no way to reach Bangaram Island via railway.

By Road. Bangaram Island is inaccessible via road. 

By Water. Bangaram Island is well-connected to other islands of Lakshadweep via water. One can take a boat from Agatti Island which will take 2 hours to reach Bangaram Island. Also, Kochi is another convenient option to reach Bangaram Island via boat. It will take around 1 hour to reach. 

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