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Amindivi is another exotic island that is worth visiting for a vacation. Located in the northern part of Lakshadweep, the island is known for beachside activities, picturesque views, sparkling azure water, golden sand, and simply magnetic views of sunrise and sunsets. Coral reefs, lagoons, and coconut trees only add to the beauty and ambiance of the island. Amindivi island over the years has become a favorite destination for romantic travelers, and nature lovers.     

History of Amindivi 

Locals claim that the name Amindivi came from the Arabic word ‘Amin’ which means faithful. However, there lies another popular belief related to the name of Amindivi. According to it, the name came from the word ‘Amini’ which connotes a heavenly place. Amindivi island is one of the most inhabited islands of Lakshadweep Archipelago having a population of around 7K people as per the 2011 census. 

The island is 220 nautical miles away from Kochi and is spread in an area of approximately 3 square kilometers. Besides being a naturally beautiful place, Amindivi is known across the country for its coir products (products made from coconut fiber). Every year tourists from all over India arrive here to witness the ethereal beauty of this island.   

Major Attractions in and Around Amindivi 

Explore the Tortoise and Coconut Shell Handicrafts 

Tourists will come across many creative home decor and handicraft items made from coconut or tortoiseshell in the local market and beachside shacks. These handmade items can be great for gifting or statement pieces to enhance your personal space. Walking sticks made from tortoise shells or coconut shells are a fast-selling article among all the items.    

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Indulge in Water Sports 

Lakshadweep and its islands are on every traveler's list who love water sports. Like all the other islands of Lakshadweep, tourists can indulge in numerous water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, glass-bottomed boat ride and swimming at the beaches of Amindivi. 

Best Time to Visit Amindivi 

Months between October and May are great to visit Amindivi as the weather during this time is great to wander on the beaches and explore the island to the fullest. Summer and monsoon season is not so great as one might have to deal with the hot and humid weather during this time.  

How to Reach 

Because Amindivi is an island surrounded by the Arabian sea on all sides, rail and road route is not available. One can only reach the island only by water and airways that major operate from Kochi city in Kerala.    

By Water. Tourists can opt to travel via 7 passenger ships that operate between Agatti island and Kochi. MV Amindivi, MV Minicoy, MV Arabian Sea, MV Lagoon, MV Kavaratti, MV Lakshadweep, and MV Corals. One may reach Lakshadweep in 14 to 18 hours depending upon the route of the passenger ship.      

By Air. Agatti Airport is the nearest airport to reach Amindivi island. Air India flights from Kochi to Agatti airport are very frequent hence one may consider traveling by air if you don’t wish to spend hours traveling by water.  

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