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Kadmat Island is a part of the Amimdivi group of islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago. The island is a popular tourist destination located outside the mainland of India in the Arabian Sea. Kadmat Island is known for marine turtles and coral reefs. Spread up to approximately 9 kilometres, the island is also known as Cardamom Island. Besides the enigmatic views, this travel getaway is also known for multiple water adventure sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and sailing.   

Why You Should Visit Kadmat Island

If you have a plan to explore wonderful vistas of nature and actively participate in water sports then you must not give a miss to this amazing travel destination. The stunning skies and the spectacular hues of the ocean is what makes this island worth exploring around. Besides, it is also a very charming instagrammable spot. So, you won't be disappointed with the chic photo backgrounds.

History of Kadmat Island 

There is nothing noteworthy documented in the history books about the Kadmat island. All that is known, is that most of the islands of Lakshadweep archipelago have long been uninhabited. After India’s independence, when Lakshadweep was granted the status of Union Territory, people started settling in some of the islands and Kadmat is one of them. Later, entire Lakshadweep developed as a tourist spot and today its a popular honeymoon destination. 

Kadmat island also has a lagoon on its west side that is approx 2km wide at the broadest point. This lagoon offers a safe ground for many water sports. The long sandy beaches and tourist huts along the shore make this place a paradise for nature lovers. The island has been granted the tag of being a marine protected area by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. As per this official notification the natural resources, plants, and animals of the Kadmat Island are entitled to be conserved. 

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Places to Visit in and Around Kadmat Island 

Kadmat Beach. This beach is a great place for tourists who are looking to spend their vacation in the lap of nature amidst the calming sounds of waves and lush greenery at the shore. Witnessing sunrise and sunset here is truly an experience of a lifetime.    

Water Sports and Fishing. Tourists can indulge in numerous adventure water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, boat ride in glass-bottomed boats and even fishing in the deep seawater.

Things to do in and Around Kadmat Island 

Golden Jubilee Museum. This is the only museum in the entire Lakshadweep and is located in Agatti Island. Wooden chests, antique jars, mini coy sailboats, and gold coins that have been collected from the shores of the islands are displayed in the museum. Locals claim that these antique items belong to the ancient voyagers.

Food of Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep  

Lakshadweep will not only amaze you with the raw beauty of its beaches and islands but will also entice you with the rich and raw taste of local spices and herbs through its local dishes. Here you get to relish the following dishes: Mus Kavaab (boneless fish), octopus fry, and Maasu Podichath (dried tuna).    

Best Time to Visit Kadmat Island 

Winter season is great to visit and explore Kadmat island. Between October and May, one can enjoy the weather and the place to the fullest. Visiting the island in summer or monsoon season is not advisable because of humidity and hide tides in the Arabian sea.   

How to Reach

Because Kadmat is an island located in Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea, one can only visit the place by two modes of transportation i.e either by air or by water.  

By Air. Agatti Airport is the nearest airport to reach the island. Direct and connecting flights from mainland India arrive at the airport hence one may consider traveling by air for utmost comfort and to cut down the travel time. 

By Water. From Agatti Island, one is required to cover the remaining distance in a boat which will take 4 hours to take you to Kadmat island. 

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