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Also famous as Maliku, Minicoy island is an adorable destination situated amid the mighty Arabian sea. What makes this island worth travelling to is its simple beauty. There is practically every reason why you should be planning a trip to Minicoy Island. Being the second-largest island in Lakshadweep, Minicoy Island is all about making new memories and having some real fun. And the fact that it has been covered with coconut trees, this island comes across as a very interesting travelling option to explore.

However, this travel getaway also has a somewhat negative reputation. Yes, there are some cannibals scattered all over which comes across as a thing to worry about. In the local language, this place was known as Minikaa-raajje. The meaning of this word is the Cannibal Kingdom.

The most suitable time to visit Minicoy Island is during the winter season and the onset of summers. It is overall a great time for sightseeing activities and exploring the place around. 

History of Minicoy Island

The ancient name of this place was Mahiladu, which fundamentally means women’s island. The name Minicoy Island has been derived from one of the Arab trader’s terms for the island itself which is known as Jazirat al-Maliku. The locals had settled here a long time ago. It is said that once upon a time, a British Official was roaming around this place. On meeting one of the local islanders, he asked him what the name of this place was? The islander told him that he was from Maliku, however, the islander was not from here. He himself resided in Minikka raajje. So, the official, amid a certain sense of confusion, though that both the names were the same and he mixed them both ending up with Minikaa. Later on, Minikaa became Minicoy. 

Major Attractions Around Minicoy Island

1. Lighthouse

This lighthouse was constructed in 1885 by the Britishers. Being one of the oldest lighthouses in Lakshadweep, it carries a certain sense of charm about it. Standing tall at an immense height of approximately 160-170 feet, the lighthouse has been a center of attraction for a long time now. 

2. Juma Masjid

This masjid is of immense significance both in historical as well as religious terms. Believed to be built during the medieval period, this masjid is also home to a collection of rare artifacts.

3. Agatti Islands

It is the only island known for having an airstrip. Apart from that, this place is also well renowned for its water sport activities. And whatever’s left is lavished upon by the breathtaking flora and fauna. It is one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep.

4. Go for Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep

Overall, Lakshadweep is a gem of a place to discover and explore the raw beauty of nature. And while on your trip, one of the best ways to have fun would be to go scuba diving. 

5. Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island is one of the largest islands in the atoll. And the brackish pond located in the very center of this island makes the overall beauty of the travel getaway worth giving a shot. 

How to Reach Minicoy Island

Minicoy island can be a great vacation destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Besides the fun part, the island will also take you back in time and startle you with its cannibal roots! The geographical location of Minicoy island is such that you can only arrive here via waterways or airways. You can access all the travel options to reach the islands of Lakshadweep from Kochi. The best travel options to arrive here have been listed below for your consideration. 

By Air

The nearest airport from Minicoy Island is the Agatti airport, which receives regular flights from Kochi airport. There are no direct flights from metro cities to Agatti airport, hence you have to arrive at Kochi airport first to reach Lakshadweep. The airfare starts from INR 5,000 for a flight between Kochi and Agatti. Kochi airport has good connectivity of non-stop/connecting flights with other cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and Chandigarh. 

By Water 

If you are planning to visit the island via waterways, then you have the option to reserve a seat in one of the seven-passenger ships that run between Kochi and the Islands of Lakshadweep. 

MV Arabian Sea, MV Corals, MV Amindivi, MV Kavaratti, MV Minicoy, MV Lakshadweep Sea, and MV Lagoon. These passenger ships have seats classified into AC Deluxe Class, AC First Class, and Tourist class. You can reserve seats online at economical prices and may also check seat availability, ticket confirmation status, and schedule of the ships.

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