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Also famous as Andrott Island, Andretti Island is the largest island present in Lakshadweep. And for travelers, perhaps the best thing about the island is that it is closest to the Indian subcontinent as per its geographical presence.

Visiting here what would really engage you is this destination’s unmissable charm. Here, the tourists can really hope to spend some really splendid time along with their loved ones. The highlighting factor of this island is its delightful evenings, a perfect time for you to relax and unwind.

Andretti island is quite a good combination of urban life along with nature’s scenic views. Witnessing such a blend helps you realize happiness in its raw form. What’s more, is that here you can also hope to find some Buddhist archaeological remains along with the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah. It was also the first island to embrace Islam as a major part of its religion. Thus, if you are exploring something unique then it is definitely worth a shot. 

The best time to visit the island and Lakshadweep as a whole group of islands is from October to May. However, the time when you must avoid planning a trip to Lakshadweep is during the monsoon months due to the bad climatic conditions. 

Major Attractions in and Around Andretti Island

1. Kalpeni Island

Famous for its coral debris, Kalpeni Island is all about experiencing and seeing what, perhaps, you may have never seen before in terms of natural beauty. Yes, such is the terrific charm of this place and you won’t be disappointed by traveling here. 

2. Kadmat Island

This is another distinctive place to explore while your trip to Andretti Islands. Undoubtedly, Kadmat Island is truly a gem of a destination particularly known for its unmatched natural beauty. It is an opportunity in itself to spend some of the most memorable moments of your life here.  

3. Amini Island

Its oval shape is the highlighting factor of Amini Island. Corals and building stones have been used for their building purposes. There is an abundance of talented craftsmen who live here and are particularly famous for making walking sticks, tortoise shells, and coconut shells. If you travel here, then you have the option to take one of them as a souvenir. 

How to Reach Andretti Island

Referred to as Androth Island, the Andretti island of Lakshadweep is its largest island. The island falls in the east-west direction while being at a distance of 3169 km from Delhi, 2017 km from Mumbai, 1028 km from Bangalore, and 1171 km from Chennai.

The trip to this location can let you meet with several eye-striking places that can make you fall in love with this group of islands. Follow the below-listed path that can endow you with the right paths to visit this place.

By Air

Deboard at Laccadive Airport aka Agatti Airport as that is the nearest airport to Andretti Island. Further, you can choose to get a ship to complete the journey.

By Train

Being surrounded by water from all sides, it does not have any linkage with the Indian train routes. 

By Road

As no roads can directly have a linkage to islands therefore there are no buses available to reach Andretti Island.

By Ship

All-in-all, you can travel to Andretti Island only by flight, and not via trains, buses, or taxis. But, you can look for available ship routes to make the most of your trip. From Cochin, you can get on board passenger ships to reach here. The whole journey will take you around 14-20 hours to reach here. 

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